The buzz on TV

The buzz on TV
After 10 years and two hit shows, Matt LeBlanc, the star of "Friends" and "Joey," would rather stay home with his wife (Melissa McKnight) and kids (stepchildren Tyler, 14, and Jacqueline, 10; and daughter, Marina, 1) than be anywhere else. We wanted to know what transformed this 37-year-old former "player" into such a family guy...
Dating tricks: "I went to an aerobics class when I was 17. There were lots of pretty girls, and I was one of the only guys!"
Settling down with Melissa: "I don't know if it was a eureka moment. It was just sort of a culmination of our time spent together when I realized it. You know, I'd played the field for a long time, a lot of years. We just connected really well. I could just tell. It was like my heart was speaking to me, saying she's the one. Enough screwing around."
Baby changes everything: "I'm in love with my wife. I love my stepkids. I love my mom, I love my dad, you know what I mean? There's that kind of love. But when you have your own child, and it's your flesh and blood, your capacity to love another person is beyond your wildest dreams."
Daughter Marina: "As soon as her head popped out, I was just filled with this feeling -- it's like God reached inside my heart and flipped the switch that goes from person to parent. And the parent circuit has a much bigger wire for the love."
The sport of changing diapers: "I change diapers all the time. That's kinda fun actually. I look at it like a little NASCAR pit stop. A little mini pit stop. Go in, change the tires, put a little fuel in the tank, clean the windshield -- and off she goes."
Playing "Joey" again: "Sometimes I want to go play other roles. But this is what I'm doing right now -- there's plenty of time for that later on in life. You know, some people will come up to me on the street and speak slowly to me -- they'll think I'm really dumb, which, to tell the truth, is a compliment because it means that I've done my job well and they believe me."
"The only trend that I hope never comes back from last year is trucker hats. That can never, ever come back. Ever!" -- Singer Eve, on her fashion resolution for 2005, in People.
"You have to give back. It's a must-do thing." -- Nelly, on the importance of helping the community, in Twist magazine.
"My iPod, which is loaded with my friend's very good music list." -- Actress Keira Knightley, on her obsession, in InStyle.
Clever chat
Consider this scenario: You're done with your homework and finally can chat with friends -- if only your sister didn't have to use the computer! Well, don't fight with your siblings over the computer anymore. Snatch up a Motorola IMfree personal instant messenger so you can roam the house while chatting with your buddies, freeing up the computer for other use.
You plug the base station into an Internet-connected PC, and you're free to wander up to 150 feet from the base, and chatting with as many as six friends at a time. And the best part is your siblings can have their own IMfree -- up to seven can be connected to the same base.
Unfortunately, you can only use the IMfree with AOL's IM program. But, the good news is that's a free service. However, if you have an Apple at home, you're out of luck for now. The IMfree works only with Windows 98SE and newer programs.
The IMfree was on sale at for $79 (regularly $99). Sure it's a little pricey, but think about the peace your generosity will bring to you -- and your family's -- life in the new year.
Scent sticks
There's good aromatherapy and there's bad aromatherapy. Walking into a room and becoming overwhelmed with a scent -- whether you like the smell or not -- is never a pleasant thing. This is why a new way of disbursing scents into the air has become popular: via a reed diffuser.
The diffuser is basically porous sticks in a bottle of fragrant oils. It's a very simple idea, but the results are lovely because reed diffusers gently scent the air. Plus, there's no hazard of an open flame, so you can use the diffuser in places where you can't have candles. And with unattended candles being one of the largest causes of fires, why risk using them?
Stick Scents Fragrance Diffusers come in four scents: Sea Petals (reminiscent of summer scents), Green Apple (a sweet, fruity aroma), English Garden (flowery scents), Morning Dew (a fresh fragrance). You can get Stick Scents ($24.99) from

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