Martin evaluation
Some written comments by Steve Lamantia, former Howland Township police chief, in a 1995 evaluation of Capt. James Martin. Lamantia read the comments during Martin's trial in Trumbull County for paddling juveniles as part of a diversion program.
"A very strong operations and management leader."
"On top of all shift operations."
"Encouraged to temper his direct approach with a little tact" when dealing with other police department personnel. Martin likes to be in charge and can be "a bit abrasive," Lamantia testified.
"Highly respected in the Mahoning Valley police community."
"Highly respected by the public, the school system and the community."
"Provides quality review of daily [police] reports."
"His personal and professional life are beyond reproach."
Source: Testimony of Steve Lamantia in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court

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