If I were to run and win, here is where I'd start

If I were to run and win, here is where I'd start
I have had enough of all these politicians -- state, federal, local. All I hear is talk, but no one does anything. If I had the money, I would run for office. So let me tell the readers what I would do.
There is a cap on Social Security after you make so much money you don't have to pay into Social Security. Take the cap off and make everybody pay Social Security and take it out of the general fund, put it into it's own account and use it only for that purpose. People say it is not to be used for your only source of income when you retire. Well, if the employers in this country gave a damn about their employees and paid them a decent wage, people could put more money away, but they only care about their back pocket. That's why they go to China and India!
Put up a giant steel and concrete wall 20-25 feet high and hire more border patrol agents to patrol it!
Cut all foreign aid to next to nothing. Tell all of the countries to start taking care of themselves. If they won't, then too bad.
Uncap every oil well in this country and start pumping our own oil. Stop going to Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries. Stop sending oil from Alaska to Japan. Let them go to the Middle East.
Get out of Iraq. Going there is like me going to my neighbor's house and telling him what to do. We don't have the right to enforce our way of life on them! When we fought the revolution, no one helped us except the French, and that was at the end!
Separation of church and state means that the government can't tell you or me what religion to be or that we have to go! And it means government can't promote one faith over another. Hello! That is why the Pilgrims left England, because the king was forcing people to be one faith and to go to church.
Institute a flat tax and get rid of the IRS. Maybe not all of it, but we don't need it as big as it is. End of the year, fill out one form, if you make $25,000 to $35,000, or whatever it is, take 10 or 15 percent of that, maybe a deduction or two. Figure it out and send in the money.
Get out of the United Nations. It's nothing but a big baby that does nothing but rip off countries.
Just start taking care of the good ole USA. Every Sunday morning all I hear is a bunch of sugar coated nonsense. On not one of those shows can I hear a straight answer. Tell it like it is!
This is what I would do and I would do it if I could get enough money to run for office. There is too much talk in government, too many committees and too much debate. I would tell it like it is!
People should be able to celebrate where they like
How dare Canfield have its own First Night celebration and take some of the luster off of Youngstown's celebration. I couldn't believe the letter written from Poland carping about this. If that's all she has to worry about she must be leading a pretty charmed life.
I think a lot of the residents of Canfield and the other western Mahoning County communities enjoy the Canfield First Night celebration for a number of reasons. It's a nonalcoholic celebration with lots of first rate entertainment that people can attend after dark without the fear of being stabbed, shot, raped, robbed or murdered. After all, one of these crimes is reported in the city of Youngstown nearly every night, according to Vindicator headlines.
As for all of the surrounding communities being "Youngstown," she's dreaming. I think if she took a poll in her own town of Poland she would find that's probably the consensus there too.
Lake Milton