What they mean
A look at some of the Trumbull County services that would be curtailed by deep budget cuts this year, according to these elected officials:
Recording, scanning, indexing, microfilming and quality assurance for documents would become problematic.
Failure to record mortgages would impair financial transactions.
Lending institutions could hold the county liable for work not timely done.
Money brought in from these services helps to support other county departments.
Transfer of properties from one owner to another would be delayed.
Also delayed would be distribution of local tax dollars to schools and governments.
The auditor pays all of the county's bills -- 93,000 checks last year -- and needs staffing to handle the volume.
Jeopardizes a Tax Installment Plan program that allows people to make monthly tax payments. Affects 3,039 accounts, notably older people who have paid off their homes.
Processing of mail and tax bills, plus making daily bank deposits, will be a problem and affect school finances.
County investments will suffer; interest earnings already are down because of a loss of revenue from one sales tax last year.
Foreclosure procedures will come to a standstill.
Patrols in northern townships ended.
People might have to file their own police reports online or by telephone.
Response from the jail downtown only to the most serious, violent crimes or crimes in progress.
Civil processes such as sheriff sales, already backlogged, will be delayed and will hold up financial transactions.

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