Today is Sunday, Jan. 23, the 23rd day of 2005. There are 342 days left in the year. On this date in

Today is Sunday, Jan. 23, the 23rd day of 2005. There are 342 days left in the year. On this date in 1973, President Nixon announces an accord has been reached to end the Vietnam War.
In 1789, Georgetown University is established in present-day Washington, D.C. In 1845, Congress decides all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. In 1920, the Dutch government refuses demands from the victorious Allies to hand over the ex-kaiser of Germany. In 1932, New York Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. In 1943, critic Alexander Woollcott suffers a fatal heart attack during a live broadcast of the CBS radio program "People's Platform." In 1950, the Israeli Knesset approves a resolution proclaiming Jerusalem the capital of Israel. In 1964, the 24th amendment to the Constitution, eliminating the poll tax in federal elections, is ratified. In 1968, North Korea seizes the U.S. Navy ship "Pueblo," charging its crew with being on a spying mission. (The crew is released 11 months later.) In 1985, debate in Britain's House of Lords is carried on live television for the first time. In 1989, surrealist artist Salvador Dali dies in his native Spain at age 84.
January 23, 1980: Operations are returning to normal at the three hospitals of the Youngstown Hospital Association after a three-day strike by the 85-member Professional Employees Association is settled.
Some 1,300 workers at the van plant at General Motors Lordstown, recalled to work only three days earlier, are told the plant will close for two weeks beginning Jan. 28.
The Central Area Power Coordination Group says it is abandoning plans to build four nuclear power plants in Ohio. The Ohio Edison Co. says it will attempt to recover its share of the expenses already incurred when it next appears before the PUCO for a rate increase.
January 23, 1965: Republic Steel Corp. reports its profits up 30 percent in 1964 on record sales of $1.27 billion.
Valley Mould and Iron Corp. acquires the assets of Bishop and Babcock Corp. of Toledo in a transaction valued at $4.5 million.
Y.A. Tittle, a pro quarterback for 17 years, announces his retirement as a player from the New York Giants, saying he did not want to end his career as a mediocre player. He holds five NFL records and is the co-holder of a sixth.
January 23, 1955: "I'm working my way through college" has a ring of truth to it at Youngstown College, where a survey shows that of the 1,976 full-time students at the college, 1,192 hold jobs of one kind or another, ranging from department store clerk to soda jerk, from hospital orderly to theater manager.
Tentative figures indicate the cost of razing the decrepit Mahoning County Jail may use $50,000 of the $900,000 bond issue available for construction of a new jail and office building.
Happier days are here again for Youngstown automobile dealers, who are selling more cars, and for district steelworkers, who are making more steel to feed the needs of the auto industry. Dealers are having trouble building stocks of some models, which is unusual in mid-winter.
January 23, 1930: Charles A. Frenier, 50, a fireman from McKees Rocks, Pa., is crushed to death near Farrell in a rear-end collision between an Erie and a P & amp;LE freight train.
A greater Youngstown, including Campbell, Struthers and Girard, with a population of 500,000, teeming with industry, clean and healthy, is the vision of Atty. J.C. Argetsinger, described at a meeting of the Exchange Club.
Investigators say a bus driver was negligent in driving himself and nine school children to death on a railroad crossing in Berea, a Cleveland suburb. The bus was struck by a New York Central mail train.
Jerome Hull, superintendent of Mahoning County schools, says all county bus drivers are well trained and are instructed to bring their buses to a complete stop at any railroad or street car crossing before proceeding.

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