Flood family appreciates support from youngsters
Last week in the midst of the season, I received a visit from the varsity basketball coaches as well as the senior players who represented the entire basketball program. They presented me with a card depicting shamrocks, their prayers/support, and the pledge money received doing a fundraiser called 'Flood-ups'.
Each of the teams, grade 7-12, under Coach Grisdale and the other coaches' direction, solicited pledges for how many push-ups, or 'Flood-ups', each basketball player could do continuously. They did this because I still enjoy doing the push-ups. They spent time with me that night conveying their support for my family and myself. And then followed it up with another visit on Saturday as they gave me the game ball with all their signatures. In a time period when negative news is directed at youth, we should realize that these youth "stepped it up a notch" acting way beyond their years to think of others and are a prime example of what is being taught in Poland.
They are not the only ones who have gone out of their way; in the past two years. I have received countless support/prayers from the boosters, staff and administration, parents, economics classes, students and community. As a teacher you always hope to touch the heart of a student, to inspire a student to learn. The groups mentioned representing the Poland community and my friends have certainly touched the hearts of my family and taught us a lesson in an advanced course of human love and caring. As one of my family members mentioned when seeing the athletes that night -- "It's no wonder that they are a great basketball team, they are great people!"
This is the same feeling we have about the community. I can only hope that I can convey our gratitude for what you and the community have done for us.
I have been honored to teach and coach in a fine community and I thank each and every one of you for your support and prayer.
Dan Flood and Family

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