New York residents told to stay off roads as snow removers work

NEW YORK (AP) -- In New York, residents were advised to keep their cars off the road for the weekend as snow removers tried to clear 6,300 miles of road covered by the storm.
The snow wasn't a problem for 29-year-old college student Maya Tudor.
"I like the snow. It slows down the city and blankets a lot of the unpleasantness," she said. "You never see New York this calm. It's an event."
Many people rushed out to stock up on supplies to ride out the storm at home.
"I got a couple steaks, a couple jugs of wine and a couple good books," Walter Trogdash said as he left a convenience store in Toms River, N.J. "I think I'm all set."
North of New York City in Mamaroneck, shoppers stripped the shelves at a Super Stop & amp;Shop of soda, meat, potatoes and beer and the checkout line stretched the length of the store.
"It's awesome," store manager Louis Spinola said of the mob scene.
While crews in the Midwest labored to remove what already had fallen, highway departments in the Northeast readied hundreds of plows and salt-spreading trucks. New York City canceled all vacations for its sanitation workers and called people in on their days off to handle the snow. Kennedy International Airport had machines capable of melting 500 tons of snow an hour.
If 20 inches of snow fell in New York, the cost of cleanup could hit $20 million, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that was a problem for another day.

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