Courage and risk stoke the fires of creativity

With the new year here, perhaps you made a resolution to become more creative in 2005.
I once read this definition of creativity: "To look where everyone is looking, and see what no one else can see."
Permit me to share with you some thoughts on this subject that I have found inspiring when I'm trying to produce original work in my own sewing room. This is from the artist Ruth Seeley-Schul:
"Too many skilled craftspeople, filled with their own self-doubt, will not work with a design unless they have been told precisely how to reproduce it. These talented people have yet to discover the richness of their own creativity.
"As you work, don't be afraid to waste a little fabric, and never allow yourself to give in to frustration or self-doubt. If you make a mistake, learn from it, make adjustments and move on. See each mistake as just another step toward the achievement of success.
"Like the flowers in a garden, have the courage to break ground, discover the light and begin to grow."
Looking beyond
Many feel that everyday life offers opportunities for creativity, and that all of us have the potential to be more original.
Creative people are the ones with a knack for looking beyond the obvious -- seeing new uses for things, and connections between things that are seemingly unrelated.
They also take risks, and don't worry so much about getting it right.
Sometimes they just enjoy a certain creative process without the need to justify that enjoyment.
Some more favorite quotes:
From the quilt artist Caryl Bryer Fallert: "My sense of curiosity is greater than my fear of failure."
From Henry Ford: "Failure is the opportunity to begin again -- more intelligently."
Happy New Year to each and every reader. Ignite your imagination in 2005!
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