Both vulnerable. South deals.
x K Q 10
u Q 10 9 5 2
v J 10 2
w J 10
x 9 6 3 x 8 7 5 2
u 8 7 3 u A K J
v 9 5 v 8 7 3
w A 9 5 4 2 w K 7 3
x A J 4
u 6 4
v A K Q 6 4
w Q 8 6
The bidding:
1NT Pass 2v Pass
2H Pass 3NT Pass
Pass Pass
Opening lead: Four of u
There is a small group of star players who are good writers as well. Few of them, however, can also claim to be excellent teachers. The best example of the last category is West Coast star Eddie Kantar. Over the next few weeks we will be giving you examples he composed for players eager to improve their game.
The bidding is standard modern. Over South's one-no-trump opening, North transferred into hearts and then jumped to three no trump to show a balanced hand with five hearts and 9-14 points high-card points.
West led the four of clubs. East won with the king and returned the seven, correct to show an original holding of three cards -- the three would have shown an original holding of four cards. To maintain communications, West ducked and dummy won. The operation was successful but the patient died. Declarer took five diamonds and three spades to go with the club and scramble home with nine tricks.
East should have suggested a different defense. Before returning a club, East should cash the king of hearts. West can see that a club continuation would be futile so, when East returns a club, West rises with the ace and shifts to a heart, and the defenders collect the first five tricks.
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