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Dear Heloise: I would like to warn people to not let their driver's licenses lapse for any reason whatever. I've had to help someone who didn't renew a driver's license get through the extra paperwork to open accounts, etc. The person didn't renew because of an impending move to another state.
If you don't have a valid driver's license, you might be singled out for extra screening at airports, businesses might not accept your checks and you might not be able to register to vote. You might also need a birth certificate or passport as primary identification to get a driver's license or identification card in the state you move to. J.M., via e-mail
It's easy to let things slip by, but this is one that needs to be taken care of. Folks, take a look at the date on your license right now. Heloise
Dear Heloise: The ribbed kind of clear-plastic water bottles make swell vases. Last year my husband brought home some flowers left over from a reception at work in what I thought were lovely little glass vases. Not so. They were plastic water bottles cut off at different heights, and a cluster of three or four of them made a very classy centerpiece. Worth Cooley-Prost, Arlington, Va.
Dear Heloise: I glued several clothespins every couple of inches across the length of a yardstick and nailed the yardstick horizontally on an unused wall of my closet. I can clip scarves with the clothespins or hang belts by their buckles, as well as put necklaces and bracelets over the scarves. You can drop matching sets of jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins) in plastic sandwich bags and clip them to the yardstick, too. A Reader, via e-mail
Dear Heloise: I have a deck with a railing around the posts. Each post has a 6-inch square resting on top. Birds loved to sit there, but what a mess they make. I found a simple solution to a messy problem: I took advertising CDs and placed the silver (shiny) side up. No more birds landing there. I'm enjoying the deck again. Mrs. Faye Barnes, Saint Elmo, Ill.
Dear Heloise: Frozen ravioli is much easier to break apart if you run it under warm water for a few seconds. I found this out after many years of breaking apart the frozen ravioli in the wrong place, leaving some of the filling in the boiled water. Lorraine Mellinger, Parsippany, N.J.
Dear Heloise: I have numerous cloth and plastic tote bags around the house. I found that one can be used to keep my dog's belongings together. His leash, collar, sweater, treats, food dishes, etc., all fit in nicely. When we are going somewhere, all I have to do is grab his bag, and we're ready to go. Delores in Pennsylvania
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