Student might as well get used to getting up early; it's the way of the world

Student might as well get used to getting up early;it's the way of the world
This is in response to the letter from a 14-year-old student complaining that her 7:30 am start time is too early for junior and senior high school students. She states that she believes that performance in class would improve if only the school would change their start time. She cites a Minnesota school that made their start time an hour later and kids no longer slept in class, grades improved and even bouts of depression and illness decreased. Well, I've been on this earth three times longer than the writer, and I have news for her. In about three and half years she is going to get a rude awakening!
My work day starts a 7 a.m., so I too have to get up at 6 a.m. in order to punch the clock by 7. My employer doesn't care how late I was up the night before or why. If I make a habit of showing up late I'll get fired. If I fall asleep at work I'll get fired. But I have it a lot tougher than a student. Just when my body gets used to getting up at 6 a.m., I usually get switched to the 3 to 11 p.m. shift. Then the whole thing starts all over again.
Now, I'm not complaining about my job. I love my job. I'm a registered nurse at St. Elizabeth Hospital. I too have & quot;extra curricular activities & quot; in which I like to participate that often times keep me up late. But I pull myself out of bed the next morning and do it all again. I don't expect the hospital to change their shift times to accommodate my schedule. And I certainly don't expect a school system to change theirs.
Good help may be hard to find, but it's out there
Please allow me to respond to a recent letter entitled "Good help is hard to find" and to recent stories in the media about unscrupulous contractors. I fully agree that making false promises or ripping off homeowners, especially taking advantage of the elderly, is reprehensible. In addition, for a contractor or any other businessperson to not return telephone calls is rude and poor for business.
As a small painting contractor, I make it a point to return all phone calls by the end of the day, even if I am not able to take particular job. I am also very adamant about doing my best to please each of my customers and resolve any problems promptly and fairly. My point is that I believe in this area that for every unscrupulous contractor there are dozens of credible, trustworthy and dependable contractors.
Please remember that the best way to find a good contractor is to get referrals from friends and family. If a friend or family member was satisfied, then chances are you will be too. In addition, check with the Better Business Bureau about any complaints filed about a particular company and how any disputes were resolved. Also, ask a prospective contractor for written proof of insurance, how long they have been in business, and other penitent questions about your particular situation.
Lastly, if a contractor or any business does not return phone calls in a reasonable amount of time, it may be best to look elsewhere. For any reputable business, the customer is golden and should be treated as such.
One 'First Night' is enough
As our community continues to re-unite with the "rebirth" of Youngstown, I have followed with dismay that the community of Canfield continues to celebrate its own "First Night" New Year's Eve instead of uniting with "First Night Youngstown. & quot; It is time for each of us, living in this community to unite and rally behind our progress. We are all (including the suburbs) Youngstown!