HELOISE Unused credit-card checks can cause major problems

Dear Heloise: I ask you to please strongly suggest to your readers that they shred personal information. I have done it for several years, and I cut addresses from all mail. But something really disturbs me -- checks sent by banks and credit-card companies asking me to use them for consolidation of debt.
Because I open all my mail to review, I am able to shred these. But I know that many people throw mail into the recycle or trash bin because they judge it to be junk. With identity theft rampant, these checks could easily be picked up and used by anyone. Please ask readers, again, to be careful with their personal information, watch for these unsolicited checks and shred them unless they plan to use them. Brigette, via e-mail
Brigette, you are right on the money! When credit-card companies send "personal" checks, if the checks are tossed away carelessly, they could really cause a major financial problem. I'm going to call my credit-card company and request that it not send me those checks! Heloise
Here are a few dishwasher hints from Heloise Central:
UWashing only a few items at a time in the dishwasher wastes water and energy. So, only run the dishwasher when full.
UDon't put powdered dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher until you're ready to turn it on. If it sits in the cup, it might clump, stick and stay in the cup when you do use the dishwasher.
UDon't put all like utensils in one silverware section. They could nestle together and not get clean. So, put a variety in each section for best results.
UCheck the owner's manual for helpful hints on getting the best out of your dishwasher.
Dear Heloise: Every time I open an easy-open can, I think of your readers who want them gone. I had to speak up and say that I love them. I don't keep my can opener out because I don't think can openers are especially attractive items. So the pop-tops are great for me. For those who have trouble getting them to open, try using a spoon to lift the ring. Personally, I wish all cans were easy-open. However, for those who don't agree, perhaps the manufacturers could make everyone happy by making the other end can-opener friendly. Sheli in Mississippi
Sound off
Dear Heloise: My sound off is about stores that run out of sale items the first couple of days of the sale. Even though many places offer rain checks, it's still a pain to drive all the way to the store, and then you still have to go back again with the rain check.
In fact, I don't shop at a particular store chain anymore because of this exact gripe! Jane in California
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