The 'ca-ca-can't we just get along' crowd has no sense of history; don't listen to them

You recently printed another letter from one of our "peaceniks" carping about Donald Rumsfield and Bush's "botched" war in Iraq. For the life of me, I cannot understand what makes these people tick. This "ca-ca-can't we all just get along" mindset has been exhibited throughout our history, and has been proven wrong in every case.
The peaceniks were there at the founding of our country, arguing against fighting the British. Where would we be today had we listened to them? They were there during the Civil War. Would we be two countries today if they had their way? And how long would slavery have gone on had we taken their advice?
Look at World War II. They were successful in keeping us out of that war until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Think of the untold tragedies that could have been averted had we stopped Hitler in Poland or Austria. Instead we were kept out until Hitler became almost unstoppable and millions of people had died. To put in perspective the scope of the losses, consider that we lost as many people in a training exercise for D-day as we have to date in Iraq.
Look at the Korean and the Vietnamese wars. The peaceniks whined about both of them and were actually successful in getting America to withdraw from Vietnam. In both of these wars we were trying to stop a Communist north from taking over a free south. Think about the outcomes of each of these efforts. I have a reminder on my desk at work. I bought it recently. It's a little tin car made from a pop can, stamped "made in Vietnam. & quot; The next time you talk to a peacenik, ask them if they could name any products from Vietnam. Ask them to contrast their success in Vietnam with America's success in Korea where the South Koreans are leading manufactures of wireless telecom devices, semiconductors, PCs, home appliances, steel products, car components, and luxury automobiles. Ask them where they would live if they had to pick between these two countries?
From the founding of our country they have never backed an American war effort and they're not about to start now. They will blame our president for not doing enough during the recent tsunami that killed over 150,000 people, but condemn him for going to war to stop the human tsunami (Saddam) who killed over 200,000 people.
Having argued with many of these people over the years I have come to see that they range from people who really do hate our country, and what it stands for, to people who really just want peace -- peace at any cost, unfortunately. They are the people who gave their lunch money to the school bully. They placate. They didn't pay much attention to history in school, and don't care to study it now. They don't acknowledge any kinship to the peaceniks of the past because inwardly they understand what they have wrought. For the most part, they lead fearful lives, thinking only about their comfort and safety. They are truly like ostriches with their heads in the sand coming up only when they hear the rumblings of war and then only to cry about it.