Ron's Lady(K Holliday)2.802.40
Rosies Dream(B Miller)3.20
Exacta 2-1 Paid $27.00. Trifecta 2-1-7 Paid $157.60.
Jazzy Sakra(B Sturgeon)5.005.40
Fairground Lady(J Mapes)10.60
Exacta 3-9 $61.00 Late Double 2-3 Paid $75.60. Trifecta 3-9-2 Paid $403.00. Superfecta 3-9-2-1 Paid $1,041.80. Pick Three 4/2/3 3 OF 3 Paid $293.60. Pick Four 9/4/2/3 4 OF 4 Paid $3,302.40.
Attendance: 2,382. Handle: $1,652,323
MONDAY -- 6:30 P.M.
1st--$2,200. NW1CD TROT
Keno Comet,R Miller; Pocket Full of Rye,J Collins; Who What and Where,J Smith; Lakewater Laser,K Holliday; Courageous Leader,K Haynes; Smok'n Coalburner,B Miller; Masterofherdomain,C Umholtz; Seventh Lady,P Ross; Astral Way,C Smith Jr;
2nd--$2,000. 4000CL PACE
Emperor Osborne,C Wyers; Deede's Trick,F Harris; Courageous Scooter,C Myrick; Racing Macintosh,B Miller; Tricks Forever,T Boring; All My Mite,G Grismore; Cove's Connection,T Thomas; Cinna Lil Bit,C Smith Jr; Victor John,J Mapes; 6:30
3rd--$2,000. NW200PSCD TROT
Tabby Key,C Smith Jr; Queenies Express,B Sturgeon; Pine Drive Ceasar,C Myrick; Ballerina Jewel,K Holliday; Corky Crown,E Deaton; Exchange For Cash,P Vargo; Roll Me Over Two,B Miller; Chinny Chin Chin,K Kash Jr; Tiglon,W Irvine; 6:30
4th--$2,000 3000CLCD PACE
Strathblair N,J Perrin; Falcon's Thaw,B Miller; Igotsthemojo,J Mapes; Majic Boy,K Kash Jr; Royal Tattler,D Palmer; Tsm Roadhouseblues,G Grismore; Don't Question Me,C Wyers; Gold Card,A Merriman; Jet Set Dreamer,R Beback Jr; 6:30
5th--$2,200 6000CL PACE
Countylinehustler,B Sturgeon; Dedi's Meadow,A Merriman; T C Shadow,J Perrin; Lil Star Lee,B Miller; Noble Flora,J Collins; Punkin Eater,G Grismore; Classys Tuff Guy,K Kash Jr; Elkhorn Bandit,S Heasley; Sweetie Peetie,T Jones; 6:30
6th--$2,200 3000CL TROT
Devilbedamned,B Sturgeon; Elan D'edna,K Kash Jr; American Challenge,B Miller; Tasha Valentine,R Beback Jr; Og's Ranger,A Merriman; Defi Gabe,K Holliday; Mcgowan,G Grismore; Comingfirstover,J Fout; Just Daisy,J Conger; 6:30
7th--2,400 4000CL PACE
Call The Wind,B Miller; Rock N Man,K Kash Jr; Killians King,G Grismore; The Real Shady,J Carrubba; Altamonty,K Holliday; With Cheer,K Kash; Sean Douglas,A Merriman; Hillbilly Jack,T Jones; Kallikak Bluegrass,J Sutton; 6:30
8th--$2,200 6000CL PACE
Julie B,A Merriman; Tracy The Kidd,C Wyers; Tyler's Scooter,J Thompson; Still Kickin,G Grismore; Ichiro,B Miller; Lou's Last Mission,T Thomas; Who's My Mama,D Cheesebrew; Veronica Star,J Mapes; Perfect Dance,R Hopper III; 6:30
9th--$2,400 NW250PSCD TROT
Trifle,D Palmer; Hit The Phone Jack,T Hall; Jason Challenger,B Sturgeon; Mario's Zing,A Merriman; Baron Sahbra,B Miller; U S Invader,T Boring; Talladega Baby,G Grismore; R Jack of Hearts,C Wyers; Super Dust,G Daniels; 6:30
10th--$2,400 NW250PSCD PACE
Third Rate Romance,B Miller; Albert's Angel,C Wyers; Big Island,M Headworth; So Dynamic,A Merriman; Sharp Steve,J Perrin; Silentsteel,G Grismore; Codyscoltfortyfive,L Merriman; Motara N,K Kash Jr; Grandpa Ike,T Hall; 6:30
11th--$3,000 NW2PMCD TROT
Dr Rudolph,K Aller; Final Chaser,W Irvine; Ts Foolish Venture,W Irvine; Levic,J Fout; New Riegel Joy,J Conger; Up Front Trot,G Grismore; Buzz Mackenzie,B Miller; Keep Rolnrolnroln,R Eidens; Its It Thats That,J Smith; 6:30
12th--$2,600 8000CL PACE
Sweet Maya,A Merriman; Flower,B Sturgeon; Stano Time,S Schillaci; Shannysboy Osborne,K Holliday; Sandy Cindy,B Miller; Republican Mark,G Grismore; Parking Lights,J Perrin; Polo Time,W Irvine; Magic Dancer,J Smith; 6:30
13th--$3,200 6000CL PACE
Harry The,K Holliday; Sokys Black Tact N,G Grismore; Surf Sam,K Kash Jr; Hr Absolute Gunner,A Merriman; Tsm Rube Barbarian,S Schillaci; Kg's Rebel,J Sutton; Sammy's Big Guy,J Thompson; Hershel Kiss,J Perrin; Legal Assault,B Miller; 6:30
14th--$3,600 NW400PSCD TROT
A Royal Decree,G Grismore; Miss Erica,J Thompson; Last King,J Fout; Red Hot Message,K Haynes; Yankee Fission,A Merriman; Willmania,K Kash Jr; Sugar On Top,J Wengerd; Rose Run Ferrari,B Miller; Time Inthe Box,K Holliday; 6:30
15th--$2,200 3000CLCD PACE
Holly Hill Limited,M Headworth; Gold Bandit,S Schillaci; Rockindownthehiway,K Kash Jr; Fox Valley Chiaway,K Holliday; Broadway Baretta,J Sutton; Shy Roller,A Merriman; Doubly Dunnrite,G Grismore; Teasing Scooter,J Thompson; Best Foot Forward,B Miller; 6:30
16th--$2,000 NW200PSCD PACE
The Desert Fox,C Wyers; High Caliber,J Thompson; Kanwin Hanover,B Miller; Gus Storm,J Perrin; Polo Ace,K Holliday; Daresbury Lane N,S Schillaci; Hey Hey Hockeytown,A Merriman; D Armor,K Kash Jr; Sam's Cupid,G Grismore;

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