When positioning accent lights, make sure they don't shine onto areas where people will be sitting, such as chairs, loveseats or sofas.
To help create mood and atmosphere, use three to five light sources in every room. Since dark colors absorb light, you'll need to use more lighting in rooms decorated with dark colors.
One way to increase the level of ambient light in a room is to use translucent lampshades instead of opaque.
To help make the ambient light in a room more flexible, use three-way bulbs in table and floor lamps.
Beside artwork, accent lighting can also showcase houseplants, china and crystal.
If your bedroom has a sitting area, showcase this space with accent lighting.
Also use accent lighting to spotlight artwork hanging in dim hallways.
To make a small room seem larger, outfit an entire wall with "wall washers." Wall washers are recessed light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling an equal distance away from the wall and from each other.
Another way to make a small room seem larger is to extend the atmosphere outdoors by using accent lighting in gardens visible from the interior of the home.
Before upgrading your home's lighting, check your home's existing electrical circuit capacity to be sure it can handle the fixtures you want to add.

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