SPEECH WINNERS Canfield Kiwanis Tournament

Results from the Canfield Kiwanis Speech and Debate Tournament:
Canfield 75.75
Austintown Fitch 73.25
Poland 70.75
Mooney 70.5
Boardman 68.25
Howland 67
Prose-poetry: Antonia Nwankwo, Ursuline, first; Amber Phelps, Chaney, and Lauren Gronvall, Boardman, second; Megan Dobstaff, Fitch, third; Heather Vaclav, Boardman, fourth; Casey Merritt, Howland, fifth; Elizabeth Delon, Canfield, sixth.
Domestic extemporaneous: Zach Wilson, Howland, first; Katie McConnell, Boardman, second; Natalie Hogan, Boardman, third; Molly Barns, Poland, fourth; Dave Ghioldi, Boardman, fifth; Anthony Esposito, Canfield, sixth.
Original oratory: Brittany Neish, Springfield, first; Bryan Stefek, Poland, second; Amber Gallagher, Fitch, third; Ashley Deley, Fitch, fourth; Michelle Ross, Canfield, fifth; Kelsey Schaefer, Fitch, sixth.
Humor: Andy Allen, Boardman, first; Ray Cerimeli, Poland, second; Quentin Duda, Ursuline, third; Lauren Camacci, Poland, fourth; Michael Catlos, Poland, fifth; Christine Horvath, Poland, sixth.
Duo interpretation: Brittany Dohar and Patrick Burgan, and Michael Teutsch and Lysie Shutrump, both Canfield, first; Rakheem Brown and Kevin Leson, Mooney, second; Carrie Yozwiak and Sarah Pecchia, Canfield, third; Carlyn Kachurek and Brandon Plants, Fitch, fourth; Louis Terry and Eric White, Fitch, fifth; Jared Seefried and Lauren Malizia, Poland, sixth.
Lincoln-Douglas debate: Todd Shuba, Canfield, first; Danelle Gagliardi, Canfield, second; Aimee Wallace, Poland, third; Cassandra Pallai, Mooney, fourth; Tom Lipinsky, Poland, fifth; Crystal Kenmuir, Lisbon, sixth.
Drama: Mandela Bellamy, Ursuline, first; Shanley Monroe, Ursuline, second; Jennifer Cumberworth, Howland, third; Cornelius Hubbard, Chaney, fourth; Darien Brucoli, Howland, fifth; Natasha Conley, Liberty, sixth.
Oratorical interpretation: Carrie Minenok, Fitch, first; Missy Kohut, Fitch, second; Chelsea Sinchak, Fitch, third; Monique Ledesma, Fitch, fourth; Cara Graneto, Canfield, fifth; Stephanie Johnston, Poland, sixth.
Foreign extemporaneous: Joseph St. George, Mooney, first; Keith Sikora, Poland, second; Amanda Poling, Howland, third; Laura Celidonio, Fitch, fourth; Tim Taft, Fitch, fifth; Ron Strasik, Boardman, sixth.
Impromtu: Tia Norris, Canfield, first; Erin Driscoll, Mooney, second; Dave Drogowski, Fitch, third; Tess Zackeroff, Mooney, fourth; Jennifer Finnerty, Mooney, fifth; Anu Tuli, Howland, sixth.
Public forum: Matt Blount and Dave Johnson, Girard, first; Catherine Tomko and Dane Davis, Ursuline, second; Ben Kessler and Sidd Kudav, Boardman, third; Brittany Sujka and Sarah Anderson, Poland, fourth; Jen Gonda and Nadine Massagara, Mooney, fifth; Sarah Lewis and Valerie Desmond, Girard, sixth.
Kate Farragher Memorial Trophy, Most Improved Team: Springfield.

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