Referendum in November would bring casinos to Ohio

Referendum in November would bring casinos to Ohio
What is the big problem in getting a referendum on this November's state-wide ballot to allow casinos in Ohio?
The answer is no problem. Here's why. All it takes is raising $1 million to pay a public relations company to acquire the necessary 400,000 signatures in Ohio to allow the referendum on this November's statewide ballot.
There are over 10 million people in Ohio. If need be, for as little as 10 cents per person, the money (which will be deposited in a return to donor trust fund) can be raised to acquire the signatures and necessary steps to get the job done. The P.R. company will do all the leg-work. All the people of Ohio have to do is vote YES on the issue.
Once the casino corporations find out there will be a casino referendum on this years Ohio ballot, they will come forward and provide the money and also spend their own money to promote the passage of the Issue. Remember, they will be building the casinos in allowable Ohio areas at their expense totally.
The referendum will read:
Vote Yes/No for the allowance of Class Three Casino Gambling in any county in Ohio that will be approved by the voters of that county. If this Issue passes, any county in the state of Ohio will be allowed to develop a casino(s) in their county with a majority YES vote by the people of that county only. This will be done through a special election held in that county at the time selected by the county commissioners of that particular Ohio county.
The Ohio state legislature and other casino for Ohio proponents continue to drag their feet for various weak, unjustified reasons, which continues to prolong a casinos for Ohio initiative.
We need casinos in Ohio now (especially Youngstown) to help our economic and state, city and county financial problems.
We must act as soon as possible to make certain the referendum gets on this November's ballot. Steps must be consummated no later than April 1 to allow enough time to acquire the necessary signatures.
X The writer is co-ordinator of the Casinos For Ohio Committee.
You don't have to be born in America to love this country
I am writing in response to the Dec. 12 letter, "Only native Americans need apply for U.S. president." I disagree on this subject. America gives off the vibe that we are welcome to help in any way that we can, and show no discrimination towards any race or religion. Yet in our own country we are quick to label any individual who is different. Does this seem fair?
The letter stated that, "I love my country -- first, foremost and forever. Can any foreign born person say that?" I believe that they can truthfully say that. We as Americans are given any opportunity we want. So when a person, be it Arnold Schwarzenegger who happens to have been born in Austria, becomes a legal U.S. citizen, I don't see it fair to deprive them of the same opportunities just because they were not born in this country.
Just because someone did not have the opportunity as many of us to be born as a U.S. citizen does not mean we should not welcome them into this amazing country. Where you are born should not effect how everyone sees you.
We are told discrimination against color is wrong. Well the same goes for your ethnicity. I don't think anyone has the right to discriminate against your self-being. All Americans, all people, are different. We each have our past, and it is our personal life. Other people should not be able to interfere with that.
I know many people will not be on my side for this argument. They all want to see our country pure Americans because our ancestors fought for it. Well our ancestors fought for freedom for everyone. They were willing to share it, with everyone. Shouldn't we be the same?