COURT Man who drove over woman hears his release terms

The judge will consider driving privileges after a three-month 'test period.'
WARREN -- Anthony Ciminero has been given a chance to prove to himself and to a judge that his life has turned the corner for the better.
Judge John Stuard of Trumbull County Common Pleas Court told Ciminero that he could prove to be a "poster child" for somebody who has seen the light.
Ciminero, 35, of Girard, had rammed his sport-utility vehicle into a parked car occupied by Robert and Nancy Norman of Liberty in the Giant Eagle parking lot on Belmont Avenue in Liberty in July 2002. Ciminero then drove over Mrs. Norman, 43, as she lay in a nearby field; she spent a lengthy time in rehabilitation.
"This lady that was injured, her reaction to this is unusual in that she's not in here saying you should spend the rest of your life in jail," Judge Stuard told Ciminero.
Mrs. Norman had filed a letter with the court not opposing Ciminero's release from jail. He is on five years' probation after his release over the holidays.
Back in court
Ciminero was back in court Thursday as terms were set for his probation.
Sharply dressed in a light-colored suit, white shirt and dark tie, he stood in extreme contrast to the others before the judge in jail coveralls or street clothes.
Judge Stuard told Ciminero, who appeared with his lawyer Alan Matavich, that he has a lot going for him and his whole life ahead.
"Anthony, I have every hope, I tell you this in all candor, that you have turned the corner," the judge said.
He had been given an 18-month sentence in March for one count each of vehicular assault and aggravated possession of drugs, and two counts of drug possession.
Ken Bailey, an assistant Trumbull County prosecutor, said the Normans "didn't have a problem with the court setting community control sanctions."
Still, the judge declined to return driving privileges to Ciminero, even if required for a job. The next three months, he said, will be "a test period" and if the adult probation department reveals no problems, the judge said he will grant driving privileges.
No comment
Ciminero did not comment.
At some point during his intensive supervised probation, which the defendant asked to be transferred to Stark County, Ciminero will be required to do 40 hours of community service.
He must attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting three times a week.
Last year, Bailey disclosed that Mrs. Norman has suffered numerous medical problems. The Normans have a civil lawsuit pending against Ciminero in common pleas court.

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