Dissolutions filed
Holly Mae Krumpak and Frank Krumpak.
Steve Matijevic and Diana R. Matijevic.
Randall W. Park and Brenda D. Park.
Stanley Spina Jr. and Vickie L. Spina.
Divorces filed
Laurie A. Makris vs Nicholas C. Makris.
Ernest G. Cook vs Michelle A. Cook.
Jamie Lynn Blumer vs Christopher R. Blumer.
Sandra E. Antonelli vs Terry L. Antonelli.
Legal separations filed
April Marr vs Joshua Marr.
Divorces granted
Dale R. Ditman vs Diane C. Ditman.
Timothy L. Smith vs Tami M. Smith.
Beatrice D. Nelson vs Richard C. Nelson.
Dimissals granted
Wanda Y. Seay-Simmons vs Richard O. Seay.
Lorraine G. Baryak vs John R. Baryak, Jr.
Real estate transfers
Louis Infante et al to Debra Dougherty et al, Milton Twp., $38,500.
Angelilli Builders, Inc. to Gloria Lavin, Springfield, $183,763.
Eileen DePasco to Lawrence Gamble and Mary Wanzo, Youngstown, $15,000.
Latessa Construction Ltd. et al to Brian Wess et al, Poland Twp., $250,000.
Gayle Thomas to Susan Norris, Youngstown, $24,900.
Brian Wess et al to Lakellaris Arenas et al, Youngstown, $137,000.
John Cline et al to Timothy Cunningham et al, Boardman Twp., $147,000.
Marilyn Sankey Collins to David Gatesman et al, Boardman Twp., $90,000.
First Place Bank to Paul Misko, Canfield Twp., $100,500.
Joseph Fecko et al to Tamarah Hirschy, Youngstown, $ 87,000.
Mildred Varner to Adam May, Youngstown, $55,000.
John Galbraith Jr. et al to Marcus Johnson, Youngstown, $61,000.
Grand Lodge of Ohio to Michael Patrick, Struthers, $50,000.
Don Dragish to Ricky Hall, Youngstown, $53,500.
Estate of Helen Andres to Latreena Talley, Youngstown, $40,000.
Lake Newport Developers to Margaret Gault, Boardman Twp., $11,000.
Timothy Casey to Tiffan Papalas, Boardman Twp., $72,500.
Kimberly Linhart et al to Travis Golladey, Columbiana, $190,000.
Kevin Kempe to Timothy Parber, Lake Milton, $70,000.
Travis Golladay to Matthew Golladay et al, Columbiana, $85,000.
William Davis and Marvin Reese to Metro Real Estate LTD, Youngstown, $11,000.
Mary Slaven to Elva Rickard, Struthers, $36,000.
Debbie Carney and Tracy Gross to Samuel Jordan et al, Austintown twp., $156,000.
Canfield Properties, LLC. to Anthony Saarey, Austintown Twp., $165,000.
Michael Skibbe to June Waugh, Youngstown, $49,900.
Melinda Avers McFall to Thomas Constantine et al, Poland Twp., $190,000.
Eagle Holding Company to Billie Beshara, Boardman Twp., $110,000.
Mary Flaherty et al to Stephanie Jamison, Youngstown, $ 70,000.
Anthony Perry et al to Nancy Sebastian, Coitsville, $76,800.
TC Neighborhoods, Ltd. to Reed Family Builders, Inc., Canfield Twp., $ 56,000.
Charles Eddy Jr. to Echo Get Go Partners 2004, Austintown Twp., $1,350,000.
Grant Winck et al to Grant Winck, Youngstown, $52,000.

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