Joining new partnership will save on energy bills

A parent asked that formal dances be opened to students from other schools.
CANFIELD -- School board members tentatively approved joining an energy partnership to save an additional 9 percent in yearly energy costs, or about $34,000 a year.
The school district is currently in an energy savings program with First Energy called Energy Through Education, which expires next year. But Canfield can sign up for the new program -- Energy Through Education II -- in May. That program saves Canfield about 6 percent a year on energy costs.
In the new program, the savings come from being part of the partnership of school systems in the northeast Ohio area and from pre-paying estimated monthly energy costs, said Rich Archer, business manager for Canfield schools.
Archer told board members Wednesday night about a second energy program available through the Ohio School Boards Association.
Archer said he had not been able to talk with the representative for that program, called Ohio Schools Pool. He said school officials elsewhere who have inquired about that program have been told the Energy Through Education II program is a better choice in the short term.
Archer told board members that if Canfield wants to take advantage of its status as a current member and join the new First Energy program in May, the system must sign up by the end of the month.
Board members approved signing up for the program, but Archer said if it turns out the Ohio Schools Pool is the better deal, the board can simply not sign the agreement and join the other program.
Other business
Archer also informed board members that it appeared the district would change liability insurance providers when its annual policy expires at the end of the month. The system's current property and fleet insurer offered a $16,0000 price -- a savings of more than $14,000 -- for identical coverage.
During a reorganization session preceding the regular meeting, board members voted on officers for the year. Bruce Brocker was elected president and Mark Squicquero was named vice president.
Board members and school officials also talked about changing the date and time of the monthly board members. The board agreed to push back the starting time 30 minutes to 6:30 p.m., which would allow more members of the public to attend.
An effort to move the date from the first Wednesday of the month fizzled in the face of school basketball games, city council meetings and child care responsibilities.
Dance rule request
Board members also fielded a request from the parent of a 10th grader who asked that the major dances at the school, such as the upcoming Sweetheart's Dance on Feb. 12, not be limited to only Canfield students.
"[Formal dances] are special events for these kids, and they should be able to go with whomever they want," said Fran LeGoullon, whose daughter Lauren is a 10th grader at the high school.
LeGoullon said her daughter dates a Salem student and has been welcome at their dances. "This is important to my daughter so it is also important to me."
Superintendent Dante Zambrini said he will meet with the Canfield High principal and try to make a decision before the Feb. 12 dance.

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