Both vulnerable. North deals.

Both vulnerable. North deals.
x K Q 6 3
u 6
v K Q J 8 2
w 10 9 3
x 5 4 x 7 2
u 9 3 u J 10 8 4 2
v A 10 7 4 3 v 9 6 5
w Q 7 4 2 w J 6 5
x A J 10 9 8
u A K Q 7 5
v Void
w A K 8
The bidding:
1v Pass 1x Pass
2x Pass 5NT Pass
7x Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead: Seven of x
Beware of contracts that look too easy. There might be hidden traps waiting for an unwary declarer.
The auction was simple. Despite his huge hand, South responded with a simple one spade, intending to jump shift in hearts at his next turn. That became unnecessary when North supported spades on the second round. Five no trump was the Grand Slam Force, asking about trump honors, and seven spades confirmed possession of two of the three top honors.
West led a trump, won in the closed hand. A second round of trumps drew the opponents' fangs, and declarer started on hearts from the top discarding a club from dummy on the second round. When West discarded a diamond, declarer was faced with three losers and only two trumps to take care of them -- down one.
The grand slam could have been made with just a soupcon of care. Declarer must draw just one round of trumps, then cash the ace and king of hearts for a club discard from the table. Now a low heart is led and, when West discards, declarer is in control. The heart is ruffed, a club is led to the king and the remaining low heart is trumped. Declarer cashes the ace of clubs and ruffs a club in dummy, and can then get back to hand with a diamond ruff to draw the last trumps and claim.
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