SOUTH SIDE Weekend patrols net drug arrests

Many found driving under suspended licenses.
YOUNGSTOWN -- Drivers without valid licenses likely regret not staying home and watching TV over the weekend instead of cruising around the South Side.
Members of the vice squad and street crimes unit, as well as officers working a Weed and Seed detail, patrolled the area en masse Friday and Saturday.
The crackdown included two drug raids by vice cops and surveillance of known drug houses by officers who regularly work the South Side beat.
Police made 25 arrests, most on charges of driving under suspension.
Police Chief Robert E. Bush Jr. stepped up patrols after five homicides occurred last month on the South Side. Bush calls the patrols "pounding the streets."
Police stopped drivers, most found to be without a valid license, for various driving and vehicle equipment violations.
They found some with drugs in their cars after stopping drivers who ignored stop signs, failed to signal turns and drove in the dark without headlights or stopping those whose vehicles had shattered windshields, expired plates or no plates.
Some of the motorists charged with driving under suspension haven't had a valid license in years.
Following are those arrested, reason they were stopped, charges against them and, in some cases, additional information. All are due in court today for arraignment.
UJill A. Hahn, 44, Pine Street, Struthers; failure to signal turn; hasn't had a valid license since 1985, according to reports; seven license suspensions, six still open; charged with DUS; car towed.
UGregory L. Griffin, 45, of Willis Avenue; failed to observe stop sign; 12 license suspensions; arrest warrant for failure to appear; charged with the traffic offenses; jailed; car towed.
UWalter Boyd, age and residence unknown; shattered windshield; seven open license suspensions; cited for DUS, operating unsafe vehicle, operating with plates from another vehicle and open container of beer.
UArchie Brown, 46, residence unknown; expired registration sticker, three license suspensions (two for failure to pay child support); charged with DUS and expired plates.
UKaren Christian, 52, Lakewood Avenue; failure to signal turn, driving with plates from a different car; police found suspected crack cocaine; jailed, given traffic citations; car towed.
UAndrew M. Williams, 48, Glenwood Avenue; headlight out; no license; registration confiscated by order of Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
UGeraldine Lott, 59, Breaden Street, temporary permit expired; cited for having no license.
URicky Eiland, 46, of West Dewey Avenue, issued a DUS citation; car towed.
UJames L. Carter, 53, Parkwood Avenue; failure to signal two turns; cited for failure to signal, having plates registered to another vehicle.
UVictoria Bluedorn, 46, East Prospect Street, Girard, stopped while walking in the middle of Breaden Street; charged with possession of drugs, drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia; jailed.
UJeffrey B. Cole, 41, Cornell Avenue; disregarded red light; four licenses suspensions; cited for DUS and red light violation; car towed.
UAlvin Tucker, 18, of Euclid Avenue, no front license plate; charged with DUS; car towed.
UDaniel Lacey, 46, of West Glenhaven Avenue; driving without headlights on, expired plates and license; charged with no valid license, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.
ULacey's passenger, Darren Moore, 39, of Cohasset Drive; charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.
ULacey's other passenger, Karmarnixt Burt, 34, of West Glenhaven Avenue; arrested on an October 2001 warrant for failure to appear on a charge of loitering for prostitution.
UAnthony Poole, 37, of Clearmount Avenue; driving without headlights on; cited for DUS and driving without headlights.
UTimothy Wainwright, 38, of Albert Street; failure to signal turn, no license since 1984; cited for having no valid license, failing to signal.
USean E. Gooch, 35, of Jackson Street; speeding (66 in 50 mph zone of Interstate 680); no license; charged with speeding and no license; car towed.
The following were arrested when police executed a search warrant at 111 W. Philadelphia Ave.
URobert J. Spatara, 54, of Indianola Road, Boardman, drug-abuse marijuana.
UJames Veal, 37, of Hunter Avenue, possession of crack cocaine.
URobert Thompkins, 31, of East Ravenwood Avenue, possession of crack cocaine.
The following were arrested when police raided 535 W. Myrtle Ave.
UDewayne Haynes, 33, of East Judson Avenue, possession of cocaine and marijuana.
UEric Brantley, 44, of Parkhill Avenue, possession of drug paraphernalia.

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