HELOISE Toothpick keeps the candle burning

Dear Heloise: If the wick in a fat candle is so short that it burns out too quickly, stick a round toothpick down into the wax beside the wick, letting it extend a bit above it, and the candle will burn fine! Marie, Athens, Ala.
My office tried this hint, and although it took a couple of tries to get the toothpick to light, once lit, it did keep the candle burning. Heloise
Dear Heloise: My in-laws are in their 80s, and a couple of months ago they asked us to pick out a new couch for their living room. We did not feel comfortable choosing a couch for them -- our tastes are too different. So, we took our digital camera to several stores and took pictures of 15-20 couches.
We showed them the pictures on their television set, and they chose the one they liked. It was delivered two days later! Debbie in Illinois
Dear Heloise: One of your readers wrote that she puts address labels on her rolls of film to keep them from getting lost at the lab. That might work to some extent, but not after the processing begins.
Instead, the address can be put on the film itself. Print your name, address, phone number, etc., on a piece of paper using a bold pen. When you put a roll of film in your camera, take a photo of your info sheet (make sure it's in focus), which will put it at the head of the roll, easily spotted by lab personnel. (Don't place it at the end. Sometimes the last frame gets chopped in half or destroyed.) You can carry the piece of paper with you, folded and rolled up inside a film canister. Pamela Caillouet, Prairieville, La.
Dear Heloise: Here are some other storage uses for the clear-plastic fruit containers (ones for blueberries, raspberries, etc. -- Heloise):
UOffice supplies -- rubber bands, stamps, folder tabs, etc.
UBobbins, thread, tape measure, small scissors.
UOdds and ends on a workbench. V.M., Marysville, Pa.
Dear Heloise: Something that I do whenever I leave town is unplug my garage-door opener. During a rainstorm one night, the door decided to open by itself -- with a little help from a lightning strike nearby. If I hadn't been home at the time, all my expensive tools and other garage items would have been free for the taking, and the open garage would have provided perfect cover for someone trying to break into my house. M.S., via e-mail
This sound off is to fabric manufacturers. Everything else is printed in the selvage edge of fabric -- why can't the fabric content be printed? I like to buy several lengths of fabric when it's on sale, but by the time I get home, I've forgotten the fabric content of each piece, which means I'm not sure about the care instructions. A Reader, via e-mail
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