What they're saying about the Cobalt SS

The February editions of two of the top automotive magazines have some complimentary things to say about the Cobalt SS Supercharged.
Motor Trend's "First Test" feature is subtitled "Guerrilla In The Midst," and Car and Driver's preview, with the headline "GM's newest heavy metal packs some heat," both go into detail about a test drive that automotive drivers were allowed in the new Cobalt model.
MT writer Ron Sessions says the SS "is amazingly smooth and quiet at idle" and, "In this regard, it feels like a more expensive car."
Sessions is also impressed with the SS's power. "... blip the throttle, and there's a jaunty bark out the 4.0-inch chrome-tipped exhaust... ."
Sessions adds that the SS is "the fastest regular-production, front-drive car through the slalom we've tested in three years, rocking through the cones even faster than the new Corvette Z51."
Sessions sums up his assessment of the SS by saying that this particular model reflects positively on the entire Cobalt line.
C & amp;D's Aaron Robinson calls the SS "astoundingly good" and is an "Olympic long jump" for General Motors.
Robinson lauds the car for a "heavy dollop of horsepower" and a "taut, refined handling package."
The C & amp;D report concludes that the Cobalt SS "trades on its refined civility, two words we don't normally associate with a GM economy car."
Both magazines are now available at newsstands.

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