Tech companies enjoy dazzling the crowd

Tech companies enjoydazzling the crowd
LAS VEGAS -- Tech companies dazzled crowds Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show with new digital entertainment options. Among the developments:
Intel Corp. Chairman Craig Barrett promoted the UltraWideBand wireless standard as a replacement for the Universal Series Bus cables that connect computers to peripherals such as printers and digital cameras. UWB, as it's known, will make it easier for devices in close proximity to transmit large amounts of data, such as video.
In his speech Thursday, SBC Communications Inc. Chief Executive Ed Whitacre touted the San Antonio-based communications giant's U-verse service, which combines SBC's broadband Internet and voice communications with video service.
When it's ready later this year, customers will be able to access video on demand, including movies. Subscribers would also be able to program their digital video recorders through any Internet-connected computer.
Digital Light chip
TI chief executive Rich Templeton's keynote speech Friday afternoon focused heavily on the company's Digital Light Processor chip, which has become a competitive technology in digital televisions.
TV technology
Intel's Barrett demonstrated a prototype technology for using a TV to browse through photos and movies stored on a computer. Instead of using a remote control, the user could wave his hands to the left or right, scrolling through the files, then point to select the desired file.
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