Life: 50,000 hours
Power usage: 22 watts
Light output: 300 lumens at 15-watt input
Could last: 17 years if on for eight hours a day LED technology
Touted as: The next generation of illumination.
How it works: Light-emitting diode lamps use semiconductors, not wire filaments, to conduct electricity and generate light. Traditional incandescent light bulbs use filament, which quickly wears out from repeated heating and cooling.
Now: Used mainly for traffic signals, large video screens, automobile taillights and holiday lights.
Invented: In the 1960s, for use as an indicator light that showed whether a small electronic product had power or was active.
Pros: Long life, energy efficient, clear light, doesn't break easily
Cons: Light output is weaker than other light sources; cannot be dimmed; is expensive and the color does not look as warm
Warning: Looking directly at LED lights for a prolonged period of time within a short distance might cause eye injury.
Enlux LED floodlight: $80, www.enluxled.com on the Web, or call (480) 733-8065
Everest booklight by Lumatec: $30, www.lumatec.com on the Web, or call (800) 651-2460
Sources: Enlux; Lumatec; Chris Ferguson, Fixture Designs; Light Waves Concept

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