HELOISE Plastic crates make order out of disorder

Dear Heloise: I have two ideas that I use for those colorful plastic crates. Under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, I use them to store my cleaning products. Whenever I need something, I can easily slide a crate out and get whatever I need, then slide it back in. I have four under my kitchen sink that I stack by twos, and they keep it nice and organized. My husband uses the same system in our shed.
You can also stack them on their sides, put a piece of plywood on top and cover it with anything you like to make a great desk or work area. By stacking the crates on their sides, you can store books, etc., in them. Vicky S., Ruffsdale, Pa.
Dear Heloise: Here's a vacation hint to remember: Replace your watch battery before you go, or bring an extra one. My watch stopped, and it was really inconvenient.
For driving trips, replace your windshield wipers. We did that before leaving on vacation, and it really helped, because we got caught in heavy rains on our return trip. Virginia, via e-mail
Dear Heloise: After reading your column about removing a bumper sticker from a car, I thought of the great idea my daughter came up with when I didn't want to put a sticker on my new car. We went to the local crafts store and purchased a square of rubber magnet, cut it to the size of the bumper sticker, stuck the sticker on the magnet, and I now have a removable bumper sticker. No sticky mess. Cindy Kendall, Pensacola, Fla.
Apparently, you have a metal bumper, but for those who don't, place it on a metal portion of the car near the bumper. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I sort my linen closet out every year or so. By the time I'm ready to organize it again, it's turned into a jumble of top sheets, bottom sheets and pillowcases, with no chance of matched sheets even being on the same shelf. This year, I was determined to find a lasting solution and think this idea might work:
I matched up all sheets and pillowcases and refolded them carefully. Then I inserted top and bottom sheets plus one of the pillowcases inside the remaining pillowcase. When the "envelope" pillowcase is put up, I have a neat package that won't fall apart. We had guests this weekend, and I had a chance to try out my method. I selected my package from the linen closet and knew that everything I'd need was there no turning the closet upside down looking for matching pillowcases. My linen closet looks great, too. Anne Major, via fax
Dear Heloise: Don't throw away the leftover decorative paper napkins after a party or special dinner! We recently had family over for an informal meal, so we used all the different leftover napkins. The color and variety were cute. We called it a "Napkin Fiesta." Lesley Uhl, Indiana
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