CRIME Woman's call leads to arrest of teen in break-in

Police are happy that a neighbor notified them first.
CAMPBELL -- A city teenager faces charges after a woman notified police that she watched him enter her neighbor's home through a window.
Aaron Profancik, 17, of Campbell, is being held at the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center in Youngstown on charges of burglary, drug abuse, resisting arrest and obstructing justice.
Campbell police answered a call around 11 a.m. Tuesday from a Camvet Drive resident who said she was watching a young man climbing through the window of her neighbor's home. Police arrived within minutes.
Shortly after they arrived, according to reports, Profancik came out the front door and started running down the street. Two police officers yelled for him to stop; when he didn't, they chased him for several blocks before capturing him.
Suspected drugs
After they caught him, the officers found a packet of suspected crack cocaine in his pocket, reports said.
Profancik was taken to a holding cell at the Campbell jail, where he yelled and started kicking the door. Officers asked him to stop, but he continued kicking at the door, reports said. The kicking damaged the lock to the point that the door could not be opened. The Campbell Fire Department had to remove the door from the hinges to move Profancik from the cell, reports said.
A police department spokesman said that a person answering Profancik's description has been spotted near several burglaries and attempted burglaries in the area for about seven months.
"We're really glad the woman called us when she saw him," the officer said. "People usually call a friend first, or somebody in their family, or maybe another neighbor. By calling us first, she really helped."
As late as Thursday afternoon, police received a phone call from a resident saying that a young man matching Profancik's description was spotted looking in windows on Monday in Campbell.

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