Shifting blame from Bush to liberals is a tired tactic

Shifting blame from Bush to liberals is a tired tactic
One of the latest in the stream of letters from those who support President Bush in his Iraq venture appeared Dec. 26. The rant in those letters is the same. The liberals want the U.S. to fail in Iraq. They don't want the elections there to succeed. The liberals are traitors.
They are wrong. Real success in Iraq would have pleased the liberals. If things had gone as Bush thought they would, his margin of victory would have been much higher because those "traitors" would have voted for him. It seems that the major "crime" of the liberals is that they were right in predicting a short term success followed by a long term disaster. Therefore, the supporters of Bush have fallen back on the very ancient ploy of blaming the messenger.
So, exactly what has their hero accomplished? The following is a short list of those many "accomplishments." His response to the events of 9/11 was probably the right way to go. He had bin Laden and the Al-Qaida off balance and could have kept them so. Afghanistan was on the way to being as stable as anything in that part of the world can be. Then he frittered everything away on that foolish Iraq venture.
Bush's public reasons were Iraq's alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction and its connections to Al-Qaida. He presented no valid documentation of any kind. There was good evidence that such weapons and those connection to Al-Qaida were nonexistent, but Bush's mind was made up. He believed only what he wanted to believe. Bush thinks he is infallible, and his supporters agree. Only fools think they are infallible.
He was finally forced to admit the weapons and Al-Qaida ties in Iraq did not exist. That easy "victory" had turned into a very expensive running sore, one that is fueling a massive deficit that dwarfs any that the liberals have allegedly created. This had led to a sizable drop in the value of the dollar. Also, Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups have had the opportunity to regroup and expand handed to them on a silver platter, and Iran is now free to turn its attention to other things since they no longer need to keep watch on Iraq. Typically, Bush is blaming others for his mistakes.
In the interests of security, airport security personnel are allowed to pat one down, demand a certain type of identification, etc., but the rules and law are kept secret. That is very much like it was in the old Soviet Union. It also implicitly allows those personnel to make up rules that would be convenient to their desires on the spot.
Another Soviet style action was the way in which the suspects were rounded up and detained for very extended period. Then it is revealed that poorly trained troops were engaging in secret cruelties against these "enemies of the state" as well as the prisoners of war. When that was found out, the leaders that had to have condoned that behavior denied knowledge of it, even though others apprised those leaders of what was happening. Then those who think the current administration can do no wrong, came rallying with pathetically lame excuses for that treatment. "As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil they set out to destroy," (Christopher Dawson, The Judgment of Nations.)
To all those who imply liberals are traitors, and think George Bush's re-election was the greatest thing that happened: You got what you wanted, now look what you got, if you dare.
Channel 19 earns support
Austintown, for the past several years, has been a fast growing and expanding community. When the community cable television program became available, the leaders of Austintown, presiding at the time, saw a need in a most cooperative manner, joined with the local government and the school system and Community Cable Channel 19 became a reality. Community Cable Channel 19 is considered the leader in this particular area.
With the federal, state, local governments and school systems in dire need of additional operating money, we hope that Channel 19 can continue to operate as it has so successfully in the past several years. It would be a plus to the community if the Austintown trustees continued their financial and moral support in 2005.
Retired state legislator