MEDICAL CARE Iraqi boy prepares to receive prosthetics

Kent-based Palestine Children's Relief Fund brought the boy to Akron.
AKRON (AP) -- An 11-year-old Iraqi boy who lost part of both legs to a bomb blast near his home could be fitted with prosthetic legs within two weeks of surgery done Tuesday to remove bone shards.
Majid Fadhil Sabor was brought to the United States for medical care by the Kent-based Palestine Children's Relief Fund.
The surgery at Akron Children's Hospital was needed because the shards could make wearing prosthetic limbs painful, Dr. Paul Fleissner said. The boy's limbs are severed just below each knee.
"His bones will keep growing as long as he does, so we're concerned that growth can come through the skin," he said.
Cheerful but apprehensive
The boy is cheerful but was apprehensive about the surgery until he was told that an inhaled anesthetic would put him under before the procedure began, said Steve Sosebee, president of the nonprofit fund.
Doctors expect him to recover within 10 days. When his legs heal, he will be fitted with artificial limbs from Yanke Bionics of Akron, which said it was committed to providing updated prosthetics as he grows. The cost of each leg could be as much as $12,000.
Last February, Majid was walking with his 10-year-old cousin near their home in Al Kut in eastern Iraq when a roadside explosion killed the younger boy. Majid's left leg was blown off and the injured right led was amputated by Iraqi surgeons as he recovered.

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