HELOISE Oven cleaner loosens labels from glassware

Dear Heloise: How can I remove sticky labels from some glasses I bought? I can't get them off, and it is driving me crazy. Do you have any suggestions? A Reader in Texas
Don't fret, I have an easy answer if the glasses are made of glass. Spray oven cleaner on the labels and the residue. Let sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe the cleaner, sticker and residue right off. You will be amazed how easily this works. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I never buy self-rising flour, but I occasionally come across a recipe that requires it. How can I concoct it myself from what I have on hand? Brigitte from Arizona
Brigitte, self-rising flour can be made at home with regular flour and two additional ingredients most people have on hand.
All you do is mix the ingredients below together:
1 cup minus two tablespoons of all-purpose flour
11/2 teaspoons of baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
This will make 1 cup of self-rising flour, so if you need more for a recipe, you can multiply the ingredients. Thanks for writing in, and happy baking. Heloise
P.S. Here's how to check if baking powder is still active: Add one teaspoon of baking powder to one cup of warm water. If it begins to bubble, the baking powder is still active.
Dear Heloise: One holiday, I was making deviled eggs. I was out of pickles, which my mother taught me to put in. I had squash relish and tried it. It was such a hit that this is the only way I fix deviled eggs now. A little bit of mayonnaise (or salad dressing), squash relish to taste and texture, salt, pepper and paprika. Even the kids in our large family like this recipe. Joyce Howard, Osceola, Ark.
Dear Heloise: Here are a few of my favorite food and kitchen hints:
UFried potatoes -- Dice raw potatoes and cook in the microwave until almost done, then add a little oil to coat the spuds and pan-fry them until they are browned.
UKitchen hand towel -- push the corner of a towel into your waistband so it will always be handy.
UFill a small bowl with water and dish soap, and use to wash hands, rinse cooking utensils, etc., while cooking -- saves water and energy. Carol Irwin, Boerne, Texas
Dear Heloise: We discovered that if you want to clean your blender, you can pour in some water and a drop of dish soap and turn the blender on for about 10 seconds. Remove the lid, pour out the soapy water and repeat without soap. Now your blender is perfectly clean. Alicia, Lucy and Beth Rushwaters, Silver Spring, Md.
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