SPRINGFIELD SCHOOLS Machines put milk on the menu

The Boardman, Hubbard and Mohawk school districts got similar grants.
NEW MIDDLETOWN -- Want milk? Springfield Local School District has plenty to offer these days.
Last month the American Dairy Association & amp; Dairy Council Mid East awarded a the school district a $1,000 grant used to buy a milk vending machine.
The machine provides pupils with cold servings of dairy products -- in a variety of flavors -- in ready-to-go containers. And because the machine is outside the cafeteria, pupils have access whenever they want them.
& quot;This is something we can offer our students that benefits them, & quot; said Helene Dwyer, district food service director. & quot;And the students are very happy with it. Now they have a vending machine that offers them milk in the flavors they want and they have access to it. That's something they like and something they need. We're very happy we were able to receive this grant and give this to our students. & quot;
A dairy campaign
The milk vending machines grant program is part of the dairy promotion check-off program and falls in line with the dairy association's "3 A Day Milk, Cheese and Yogurt for Stronger Bones" campaign. That program promotes three servings of dairy products a day for youths.
School districts serving pupils in grades six through 12 are eligible to apply for a $1,000 grant as part of the program. Each school district may receive up to two grants.
& quot;Nationally, we see the need for children to have milk and milk products as vital part of their daily diets, & quot; said Tracy Enslen, school marketing manager for ADADC Mid East. Enslen presented the money to Springfield school officials at a recent school board meeting.
& quot;It's important to provide students with healthy solutions and alternatives, and this is one way to work toward and provide that. & quot;
More demand
ADADC Mid East is the local planning and management organization responsible for increasing demand for U.S.-produced dairy products on behalf of America's dairy farms. ADADC Mid East works closely with Dairy Management Inc., the national dairy promotion organization, to implement dairy promotion, education and research programs nationwide. The dairy farmer check-off program funds both organization.
Enslen said other school districts, including Mohawk in Bessemer, Pa., Boardman and Hubbard, have also bought milk vending machines with grants provided by the ADADC Mid East.

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