HELOISE Enjoy wedding dress every day of marriage

Dear Heloise: My friends and I chuckle when we read about women preserving their wedding dresses. We have a different philosophy -- enjoy your wedding dress every day of your marriage.
Several years ago, I began designing pillows, table runners and lampshades made out of friends' wedding dresses. The results are beautiful. Some women do it after a divorce. Consider a wedding-dress rug in the bathroom, a wedding-dress footstool in the library, a wedding-dress curtain in the basement. Celebrate the gown and forget that old logic of saving it (for what?). Joan in Minnesota
Joan, loved your idea. However, some women save their wedding dress in the hopes that their daughter or granddaughter might one day wear it or use the material when making her wedding dress. We've also received letters about making doll or stuffed-animal dresses or christening gowns from the material. Thanks for writing. Heloise
Before storing items away in the attic or basement, here are some hints from Heloise Central to keep in mind:
UAn attic or basement should be cleaned out at least once a year. This is also a good time to check for insect or rodent activity.
UStore items in plastic containers with a tightfitting lid and a label. This way, when you need something, you can check the content list and easily find it.
UBe sure that you have an adequate walk space in the attic or basement. You might also want to keep a flashlight stored near the entrance so that you will always have it handy.
UAnd, of course, don't store flammable or combustible items in these areas.
Dear Heloise: To save money, I use extra photos as postcards. I write a greeting and send these off or use them as gift tags. Virginia Podnieks, Minneapolis
This is a picture-perfect idea. Please note that to take advantage of the low postcard postage rate, the picture cannot be larger than 41/4 inches by 6 inches. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I use my debit card for almost all my purchases. I used to keep all of the receipts in a large folder, but I recently bought a check-size expandable file with 12 dividers. I keep all bank and credit-card statements, folded in thirds, filed in this container, along with all the receipts for each month. If I ever need to get the details of a transaction, I just find the receipt that matches that transaction on the statement. And I don't have to worry about whether each receipt is necessary when I file it, because every receipt can be filed in this small container. Heidi Holton, via e-mail
Dear Heloise: Having read your column with the great idea about making entries in your cell phone for "sister," "father" and "spouse" for when good Samaritans find your phone, I just modified my phone. I have added the entry "A Phone Owner" with my home phone number so that when you call up the phone directory (which is in alphabetical order), this is the first entry in the directory, and a person can call my home number. T. Ying, Laurel, Md.
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