PRIMARY ELECTION | Candidates, tax levies, issues and options

Thursday was the filing deadline for those wanting to run in the May 3 partisan primary as well as for tax levies, issues and options to be on that ballot. Those running as nonparty candidates for the positions listed below have until May 2 to file with their county board of elections. An (*) denotes the incumbent.
Mayor: Democrats -- Sylvester D. Patton Jr., 727 Brentwood Ave.; Robert Hagan, 562 Madera Ave.; Robert Bush, 223 Struthers-Liberty Road; Michael Rapovy, 2265 Coral Sea Drive; James E. Fortune Sr., 80 Dewey Ave.; John R. Swierz, 1641 Bancroft Ave.; Patricia A. O'Connell, 737 Wilbur Ave.; Bill Flickinger, 232 S. Garland Ave.; Diane Murphy, 2106 McCollum Road.
Republican -- Robert C. Korchnak, 2532 Cooper St.
Council President: Democrats -- Charles P. Sammarone, 1283 Cherokee Drive; Mark S. Memmer, 1378 Aberdeen Ave.; M. Mike McNair, 2344 Coronado Ave.
Republican -- Richard W. Atkinson, 265 Redondo Road.
Municipal Court Judge: Democrats -- Robert P. Milich*, 832 Bears Den Road; Cheri H. Howard, 840 Winona Drive.
Clerk of Court: Democrat -- Sarah Brown-Clark*, 574 Tod Lane.
Treasurer: Democrat -- Constance Shaffer, 120 Harvey St.
Council President: Democrats -- Robert D. Carcelli*, 409 Edison St.; Anthony R. Protopapa, 135 Creed St.
Council Members
At Large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Ronald Mathews*, 587 W. Omar St.; Jerry Shields*, 223 Chestnut St.; Terry P. Stocker, 510 Brandon Ave.; Paul C. Skoloda, 504 Brandon Ave.; William J. Polis, 150 Rockyledge Drive.
1st Ward: Democrats -- Herbert Tinsley, 117 Woodbine St.; Paul A. Benson, 72 Morrison St.; Sherri L. Hartzell, 138 Creed St.
2nd Ward: Democrats -- Mark A. Sandine, 368 Sexton St.; Barbara Sevi, 559 Maple Ave.
3rd Ward: Democrat -- Daniel R. Yemma*, 232 Center St.
4th Ward: Democrats -- Paul Garchar*, 526 W. Harvey St.; Nancy Uber, 508 W. Harvey St.
Municipal Court Judge: Democrats -- James Lanzo*, 125 Rockyledge Drive; Alan J. Matavich, 31 Fieldstone
Council [4 to elect]: Democrat -- J. Michael Thompson, 214 S. Main St.
MAHONING COUNTY: A 0.5 percent, 5-year sales tax to raise about $13 million annually for operating expenses.
CAMPBELL: A 5-mill, 5-year additional levy to raise $352,760 annually for current expenses.
JACKSON-MILTON SCHOOL [includes a portion of Trumbull County]: A 5.4-mill, 28-year bond issue to raise $12,425,000 for new school facilities, and to provide equipment, furnishings and site improvements.
SOUTH RANGE SCHOOL: A 4.1-mill, 5-year renewal levy to raise $558,000 annually to avoid an operating deficit.
CAMPBELL SCHOOL: A 14.1-mill, 5-year renewal levy to raise $989,711 annually for emergency purposes.
WEST BRANCH SCHOOL [includes portions of Columbiana and Stark counties]: A 1.5 percent, 5-year income tax to raise $2,666,000 annually for operating expenses.
STRUTHERS SCHOOL: An 8-mill additional levy for a continuing period of time to raise $1,077,552 annually for current expenses.
YOUNGSTOWN PRECINCT 7H: Permit the Sunday sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages at Marathon Oil, 4050 Youngstown-Poland Road.
Council President: Democrat -- Robert A. Marchese*, 3151 Foster N.E.
Treasurer: Democrat -- John D. Homlitis, 236 Butler N.E.
Council Members
At Large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Bob Dean*, 4110 Sunnybrook S.E.; William Kruppa, 1242 Perkinswood S.E.; Felipe M. Romain Jr.*, 2993 Beal N.W.; Helen Rucker, 1007 Main S.W.; Gary M. Fonce*, 379 Quarry; Tristan Hand, 704 Perkins; Manuel Michelakis, 800 Oak Knoll N.E.; E. Katrina Winters, 545 Roosevelt N.W.
Republican -- Niki Frenchko, 258 Mulberry.
1st Ward: Democrat -- Virginia Bufano*, 1422 Oakdale N.W.
2nd Ward: Democrat -- Alford L. Novak*, 1706 Bonnie Brae N.E.
3rd Ward: Democrat -- Andy Barkley, 582 Kenmore N.E.
Republican -- George Brown, 711 Oak Knoll N.E.
4th Ward: Democrat -- Robert Holmes III*, 1239 Grant S.E.
5th Ward: Democrat -- Vincent S. Flask*, 957 Hazelwood S.E.
6th Ward: Democrats -- Jackie A. Hudson, 2443 Cranwood S.W.; James A. Pugh*, 548 Phillips.
7th Ward: Democrat -- Susan E. Hartman*, 407 Elvina S.W.
Municipal Court Judge: Democrat -- Terry F. Ivanchak*, 8698 Forest Hill.
Council President: Democrat -- Robert L. Marino Jr.*, 1855 Belle Terre.
Treasurer: Democrats -- Bob Swauger, 1482 Butterfield; Robert M. Leonard, 867 Cynthia.
Council Members
At Large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Reginald Giancola Jr., 1011 Robbins; Michael A. Lastic*, 1808 Roosevelt; Stephen G. Papalas*, 356 N. Cleveland; Thomas A. Scarnecchia*, 54 Woodland Chase.
1st Ward: Democrat -- Frank Fuda*, 102 Cassandra.
Republican -- James Morris, 85 Lakeview.
2nd Ward: Democrat -- Ted Papas*, 1454 Pepperwood .
3rd Ward: Democrats -- Jonathan M. Wike Jr., 1825 Stepney; Edward D. Stredney, 728 Lincoln.
4th Ward: Democrat -- Ray Cox*, 1208 Fifth St.
Municipal Court Judge: Democrat -- Thomas W. Townley*, 541 N. Rhodes.
Council President: Democrat -- Reynald J. Paolone*, 6 Hillsdale.
Treasurer: Democrat -- John N. Moliterno*, 521 E. Broadway.
Council Members
At Large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Michael A. Costarella, 844 Dravis; Edward Robert Dzeda Jr., 102 North; Joseph P. Shelby, 600 E. Kline; Jeremy W. Williams, 125 Morris; Louis J. Adovasio, 325 Illinois.
1st Ward: Democrat -- Frank J. Migliozzi*, 14 Hillside.
2nd Ward: Democrat -- Larry L. Williams*, 629 N. St. Clair.
3rd Ward: Democrat -- Thomas J. Seidler II*, 304 E. Wilson.
4th Ward: Democrat -- Charles M. Doran, 132 E. Howard; Dan Moadus, 113 Maple.
Municipal Court Judge: Democrat -- Michael A. Bernard*, 132 Corll.
Council President: Democrat -- John D. Darko*, 459 Wendemere
Auditor: Democrat -- Michael C. Villano*, 143 Maple Leaf.
Treasurer: Democrat -- Marsha A. Ruha*, 472 Viola.
Council Members
At Large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Kenneth M. Graban, 125 Belle Vista; Patton M. Gilliland*, 703 Gary; Raymond L. Moffitt, 804 Woodland; Raymond Farcas, 555 Wendemere; William J. Williams, 168 Belle Vista.
1st Ward: Democrat -- Bonnie Viele*, 161 Fox.
2nd Ward: Democrats -- Dick Perry, 615 Meadowland; Douglas L. Rohrer, 132 S. Main.
3rd Ward: Democrats -- Suzanne M. Wilcox, 111 Orchard; Lisha Pompili-Baumiller*, 335 Center.
4th Ward: Democrat -- Edward F. Palestro Sr.*, 557 Moore
Council members [4 to elect]: Democrats -- Stanley F. Czeck, 3491 Lyntz; D. James London*, 6714 Melmick; Richard W. Biggs*, 6270 Highland; Michael Sullivan, 2766 Lydia.
Council members [4 to elect]: Democrats -- Richard Harvey, 401 Pennsylvania; James S. Jones Jr.*, 825 Oregon; Michael J. O'Brien*, 1015 New Jersey; Peter D. Sudol, 917 Illinois Ave.
Council at large [1 to elect]: Catie Karl-Moran*, 206 Mayhill.
1st Ward: Ralph R. Gillespie*, 512 W. Broad.
3rd Ward: Stephen A. Marcum, 1005 Milton.
Municipal Court Judge: Democrat -- Thomas L. Old*, 65 E. Liberty.
BRISTOL SCHOOL: A 4.5-mill, 3-year renewal levy to raise $330,000 annually for emergency requirements.
BROOKFIELD SCHOOL: A 7-mill additional levy for current expenses for a continuing period.
CARDINAL SCHOOL: A 5.95-mill, 5-year additional levy for current expenses.
CHAMPION TOWNSHIP: A 0.5-mill, 5-year renewal levy for police.
HOWLAND TOWNSHIP: A 2.5-mill replacement levy of 1 mill and 1.5 mill levies for police equipment and personnel for a continuing period.
HOWLAND TOWNSHIP: A 3.5-mill replacement levy of 1.5 mill and 2 mill levies to provide and maintain fire protection for a continuing period.
LAKEVIEW SCHOOL: A 3.5-mill, 5-year additional levy for emergency requirements to raise $948,000 annually.
LIBERTY SCHOOL: A 7.9-mill, 5-year additional levy for the emergency requirements of the school district to raise $1,776,316 annually.
MATHEWS SCHOOL: A 7.9-mill, 5-year replacement levy; a reduction of a 0.8 mill levy; for current expenses.
NEWTON FALLS SCHOOL: A 5-mill, 5-year renewal levy for emergency requirements to raise $585,011 annually.
NEWTON TOWNSHIP: A 1.75-mill replacement levy for police for a continuing period.
VIENNA TOWNSHIP: A 1-mill, 5-year replacement levy; a reduction of 0.2 mills; for general construction, reconstruction, resurfacing and repair of streets, roads, and bridges.
WEATHERSFIELD SCHOOL [includes a portion of Mahoning County]: A 4.2-mill, 5-year renewal levy to provide $418, 128 annually for the emergency requirements.
President of Council: Democrat -- John A. Torma*, 1740 Etruria St.
Treasurer: Democrats -- William A. Butler, 507 Palissey St.; Rhonda Jarrett, 1090 Pennsylvania Ave.
Council Members
At-large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Sherrie L. Curtis*, 1727 Idaho Ave.; James L. Tennant Jr.*, 1213 St. Clair, Ave.
1st Ward: Democrats -- Linda Ziegler*, 1112 Ohio Ave.; Cynthia A. Rohm, 1724 Globe St.
2nd Ward: Democrat -- Ginny Hanlon, 845 Chester Ave.
3rd Ward: Democrat -- Betty A. Ward*, 809 Northside Ave.
President of Council: Democrat -- Tod A. Mumpire, 608 East Sixth St.
Republican -- David A. Ventresco*, 491 East Fourth St.
Treasurer: Democrats -- Robert A. Tullis*, 1135 East 10th St.; Diana Mahouski, 576 N. Lincoln Ave.
Council Members
At-Large [3 to elect]: Democrats -- Clyde A. Brown, 760 W. Wilson St.; Justin J. Palmer, 816 N. Lincoln Ave.
Republicans -- A. Fredrick Vogel*, 145 Park Drive; Nancy Cope*, 1178-B South Lincoln Ave.; Alma Apicella*, 450 Highland Ave.
Mayor: None filed.
Council Members [3 to elect]: None filed.
Council Members [4 to elect]: Democrats -- Steve P. Clunen*, 94 Pine St.; Daniel P. Summers, 160 Lisbon St.; Suzanne Tobuck, 726 Columbia St.
Council Members [4 to elect]: Republicans -- Richard C. Henthorne*, 329 East Lincoln Way; Joyce A. Adams*, 617 East Chestnut St.; Mary Ann Gray, 135 West Spruce St.; Roger Gallo*, 136 Summit St.
Council Members [2 to elect]: Democrats -- Donald E. Brown*, 503 15th St.; Rosie Goss, 926 Wood St.; John J. Cataldo*, 903 Riverside Ave.; John E. McMahon, 310 Ninth St
COLUMBIANA COUNTY -- 1 percent sales and use tax renewal for five years.
EAST LIVERPOOL -- Natural gas aggregation program.
LISBON -- 1.7 mills levy additional for a fire truck for five years commencing in 2005, first due in calendar year 2006.
CENTER TOWNSHIP -- 2 mills levy renewal for rads and bridges for five years commencing in 2005, first due in calendar year 2006.
ELKRUN TOWNSHIP -- 1.5 mills levy renewal for streets and roads for five years commencing in 2005, first due in calendar year 2006.
EAST LIVERPOOL SCHOOL -- 12.4 mills levy additional for emergency requirements in the sum of $2,024,000 annually for five years commencing in 2005, first due in calendar year 2006.
SALEM SCHOOL -- 6.7 mills levy renewal for emergency requirements in the sum of $2.1 million annually for five years.
WEST BRANCH SCHOOL [Includes portions of Mahoning and Stark counties] -- 1.5 percent annual income tax on the school district income of individuals and of estates for current expenses for five years.

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