If war story was wrong, why believe Social Security story?

If war story was wrong, why believe Social Security story?
Quote: "Do not let anyone mislead you about Social Security. For anyone over 55, the Social Security system will not change." -- George Bush.
I recall George Bush's State of the Union Address before the Iraq invasion, when he stated, forcefully, "There is intelligence that Saddam has purchased yellow cake from Africa." His administration has repeatedly said Iraq had WMDs, there was a connection between Saddam and Osama Bin Laden, mushroom clouds were a possibility over American cities and Iraq was an immediate threat to the USA. These scare tactics were all incorrect and the administration laid all the blame on faulty incorrect intelligence. In his delusional arrogance, which the American people have permitted, he's trying the same scare tactics with Social Security.
Whether he misled the American people or not is up for grabs. When coming to that decision, truth-seekers should keep in mind that the neo-cons and Paul Wolfowitz penned a manifesto over 15 years ago called "A Project for a New American Century" spelling out bringing Democracy, by any means necessary, to the Middle East. Can we rely on the so-called facts and crisis about Social Security going "bust" from the Bush administration?
There was a surplus in the Social Security Trust Fund when Bush took office in 2001. What happened to it? He's using scare tactics to convince people there won't be any benefits when they retire. He has taken his show on the road, with invited guests and supporters only permitted. The young people should be more concerned about the here and now with the possibility of military expansion, since it appears Iran is the next selected country crying out for freedom and democracy. More bodies will be required and with recruitment down it's anyone's guess where they'll come from.
Why is a person who refuses to follow, blindly, a leadership that has put America at risk financially and waged a war of choice labeled a Bush hater? Or unpatriotic? George Bush has flip flopped about the reasons for invading Iraq. Now, he's bragging about the election, but his spin machine doesn't mention there were 260 attacks, 44 Iraqis killed, 100 wounded and a British plane shot down -- all on election day. The country was under martial law and some polling places stamped Iraqi food coupons as they voted.
The American people need to wake up and stop, look and listen. The violence was supposed to subside when Saddam was captured, when Iraq became sovereign and we've heard for months insurgents were trying to prevent the election. One hundred eight Americans died in January. There is no exit strategy, except when Iraqis can secure their country. It's difficult for me to believe there is an exit strategy, since 14 permanent military bases and the largest embassy in the world are being constructed.
Young readers did well
I was privileged to observe a first grade elementary class at West Boulevard Elementary School in Boardman during the observance of Right to Read week.
Their teacher, Karen Sutton, and principal, Don Robinson, are proud of these well mannered outstanding students.
So am I!
Allay your fears of negative reports regarding our educational system.
Students such as these are future leaders of our country, and I like what I saw.
My gratitude to the students, educators and wonderful parents who are dedicated to molding these dear children into responsible adults.