1st-Life At Sea (Nicol, Jr. P.)9.805.804.00
Da Mamboking (Parker D.)6.203.80
Hunter Cat (Gonzalez, Jr. S.)2.80
Also Ran: Ascorbicus, Bubbah, Bassmaster, Teralote, Matter of Fax, Camaron's Harbor, Royal Duke. Time: 1:08.39. Perfecta (3-7), $69.80; Trifecta (3-7-2), $176.60.
2nd-Formal Jackie (Spieth)
Persian Princess (Pereira O.)5.202.80
Lady Abby (Stokes J.)3.20
Also Ran: Leopard Lady, Irish Frolic, Ellaroo, Antique Crystal, One Crazy Lady, She Canget, Andy's Lilly. Time: 1:15.01. Daily Double (3-7), $82.20; Perfecta (7-8), $70.80; Trifecta (7-8-3), $283.20.
3rd-Lucky Sandman(Parker)19.407.404.00
Shannon the Cannon (Jenkins D.)4.602.80
Cold Express (Nicol, Jr. P.)2.60
Also Ran: Perr Sabin, The Duker, Mojoe, Stormy Sonata, Nature's Power, Borntoberegal, Ginger Daddy. Time: 1:51.10. Perfecta (1-8), $96.40; Trifecta (1-8-5), $399.20.
4th-Diplomat (Espinosa L.)3.403.002.60
Foxy J. R. (Andrews M.)5.003.40
Number One Hammer (Wilson B.)7.60
Also Ran: Vandiano, Capitan Cook (CHI), Gallapiat'smydaddy, Leading Ruler, Doc's Golden Bear, Festive Bidder, Pelican Lane. Time: 1:49.01. Perfecta (9-7), $19.60; Trifecta (9-7-6), $288.00.
5th-Drez (Whitney D.)15.807.004.00
Chief's Spokesman (Murphy C.)4.402.80
Double Spark (Stokes J.)3.20
Also Ran: Midnight Explosion, Richie's Future, Fariseo, Pawn Shop Pistol, Cool Sport, Sebastian Cove, Special Offer. Time: 1:13.79. Perfecta (1-7), $71.40; Superfecta (1-7-3-10), $1,139.20; Trifecta (1-7-3), $179.80; Pic 3 (1-9-1), $352.60.
6th-Tuffan (Nicol, Jr. P.)7.804.403.60
Dun (Spieth S.)3.603.20
Prince Johnathan (Espinosa L.)4.40
Also Ran: Promising Storm, Rail Thief, Affordable, Fire Proof, Picollo, Bengoa, Mjahe. Time: 1:08.79. Perfecta (2-4), $38.40; Trifecta (2-4-8), $192.20.
7th-Telemark (Spieth S.)25.809.006.20
Washington Moon (Whitney D.)3.603.00
Miners Sin (Brinkley D.)5.20
Also Ran: Dating Prospect, Wild Sign, Alexis Pony, The Madison Man, Sumcor, Bal Harbour, Wholetthishorseout. Time: 1:14.15. Perfecta (3-7), $86.20; Trifecta (3-7-1), $644.20
Moon Dolly (GB) (Spieth S.)3.002.40
Supah Sensation (Todd, Jr. F.)3.40
Also Ran: Our Freya, Jill's Cat, Nepotism, Legendary Queen, Fetch Me Cap, Thesmellofhoney. Late Scratches: Doubtful Diva. Time: 1:43.88. Perfecta (7-2), $94.20; Trifecta (7-2-9), $547.40; Pic 3 (2-3-7), $3,468.00.
On the Defensive (Brinkley)5.204.60
Little Soldiergirl (Beech)5.60
Also ran: Stay On Course, Frosted Face, Ruby Glitter, Astuta, Beyond Reasoning, Tia Marquetry and Bianca's Beauty. Time: 1:14.37. Daily Double (7-3) Paid $262.60 Daily Double Pool $17,188. Superfecta (3-4-5-2) Paid $2,863.20. Perfecta (3-4) Paid $41.20. Trifecta (3-4-5) Paid $227.00.
Attendance: 3,246. Handle: $31,942

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