MEMORABLE ADS Will these get people talking?

BEST JANET JACKSON IMPERSONATION: So much for no malfunctioning wardrobes. In this salacious ad for, a vendor of Web site names, a buxom brunette nearly spills out of her top when one of her spaghetti string straps springs loose. The setting: a hearing on broadcast censorship on a faux-news channel clearly modeled after C-SPAN. (Their name: G-Spin.) Once the woman catches hold of the errant string, one of the elderly politicians reaches for an oxygen mask and a helpful female voice chimes in: "May I suggest a turtleneck?"
BEST FOR A LOUD BAR: A Bud Light spot showing a nervous parachutist hesitating before making the big plunge out of the plane. Once the pilot abandons ship with the prize of a six-pack of Bud Light, the instructor gives up waiting for the nervous Nelly and makes his own exit with a parting shot: "See ya, dude!" But with such compelling visuals, this is one ad that made perfect sense even if you couldn't hear the dialogue.
FUNNIEST USE OF A CATTLE PROD: In a spot for Ameriquest Mortgage Co., a shopper in a convenience store gets a shot of pepper spray in the face, whapped with a baseball bat, and zapped with an electric cattle prod. Why? Because he's been obliviously chatting on his cell phone (we all know one of these people) and assuring the person on the other end that "You're getting robbed" -- referring, of course, to the price of a new deck. When the store owners misunderstand, it leads to Ameriquest's tag line of "Don't judge too quickly."
BEST USE OF A FLYING MUPPET: Choosing a favorite Muppet character is a matter of ongoing debate among ... well, some of us. But there's no question which Muppet took center stage in this charming spot for Pizza Hut. The inimitable Miss Piggy takes a flying trip through a living room, apparently pulled around by a flying piece of pizza after she didn't dip it correctly in a cup of sauce (uh, right). MOST BIZARRE TOUCHDOWN PLAY: Gladys Knight as .... a rugby player? In this quizzical spot for MBNA, pop singer Gladys Knight runs with the rugby ball and scores a touchdown. (In rugby, it's technically known as a "try," but be that as it may.) Another odd spot in a year of seemingly odd connections. Which brings us to:
BIGGEST HEAD-SCRATCHER: A "Momma's Boy" who doesn't sweat because ... "he doesn't risk leaving his Mama." A grown guy and his mom -- both played by hand-held action figures a la G.I. Joe and Barbie, appear in this completely bizarre spot for Degree anti-perspirant. What does this ad mean? Who knows?
FUNNIEST "FARGO" REFERENCE: In this imaginative spot for California cheese makers, a cow breaks free of the herd in a freezing field to make her way to California. Unfortunately, the head wind and deep snow are far too much for "Sadie," whose plight is lamented by her pals back in the herd, who sound distinctly like characters from "Fargo."
Source: Associated Press

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