The following list of homicide victims and motives includes whether an arrest was made:
2004 -- 6 of 22 solved, 27 percent clearance.*
Jan. 15: David Johns, 22, Danyale Oliver, 20, and Nicole Scott, 27, all shot in the head in a house on New York Avenue. Drugs.
Jan. 20: Jason W. Gasior Jr., 23, shot in the head and body at his East Midlothian Boulevard apartment. Drugs.
March 12: Christopher Hodge, 28, shot in the head in his Almyra Avenue home. Drugs/robbery.
March 18: Birstine Wolfe, 63, stabbed with a butcher knife at her Baldwin Avenue home. Domestic fight. George Crankfield, 80, charged with murder.
March 28: Michael L. Jordan, 25, found buried in cellar of Alameda Avenue home; he had been missing 31/2 years. Domestic. Weapon listed as a shovel. Alex Grant, 36, gave voluntary statement before his death a month later.
April 16: Efrin Brown, 26, shot in the head and dragged inside a Kendis Circle apartment. Motive pending.
April 26: David Greer, 33, found in McKelvey Lake. Reported missing/drugs.
May 4: Henry J. Blue, 37, and Tywan D. Tillis, 29, shot to death inside a car on Overland Avenue. Drugs.
July 13: Eric Martinez, 16, shot and found in driveway of house on Josephine Street. Fight over money. Dewaylyn Colvin, 22, charged with murder.
July 16: Mary M. Thompson, 32, shot four times in her left side in driveway of her East Philadelphia Avenue home. Domestic. Edward C. Anderson, 58, charged with murder.
Aug. 21 (died): Roberto Rodriquez Lozano, 26, hit multiple times in drive-by shooting on North Truesdale Avenue on Aug. 17. Motive pending investigation.
Aug. 25: Raoul Elliott, 35, shot multiple times on Foster Street. Motive pending investigation.
Oct. 20: Timothy Doran Sr., 43, shot in the head inside a car on Dupont Street. Drugs.
Nov. 28: James E. Rozenblad Jr., 23, shot in the head inside his North Bruce Street home. Drugs.
Dec. 5: Jerome R. Miller Jr., 31, shot inside his car at Gina's Drive-Thru. Drugs.
Dec. 13: Anthony Brock, 20, shot inside a car on Cambridge Street. Kidnapping of two teens went awry. Accomplice, Anthony West, 20, charged with murder.
Dec. 18: Benedict D. Santana, 36, shot in the shoulder and back in his Neilson Avenue home. Motive pending investigation.
Dec. 24: Raymond L. Ford, 23, shot in the head and found lying in the street on Rosedale Avenue. Drugs.
Dec. 28: Richard E. Owens, 41, accidentally shot at a house on Woodland Avenue. Thomas V. Owens (no relation) charged with negligent homicide.
*Dec. 29 (died): Delgreta Wilkerson, 48, suffered a head injury Dec. 7 at a home on Stewart Avenue. Police are listing this as a homicide, pending a coroner's ruling. They have a suspect.
2003 -- 13 of 19 solved, 68 percent clearance.
Jan. 6: Luis O. Vila, 35, found in the back seat of a burned-out vehicle behind vacant house on Harvard Street. Motive pending investigation.
Jan. 20: Juan E. Rosa Colon, 24, shot in the back and neck and found outside a car on Miami Avenue. Robbery.
Jan. 31 (died): Evelyn G. Huffman, 44, shot in the abdomen Jan. 27. Domestic fight. Christina N. Homa, 21, charged with murder.
March 9: Richard Cato, 49, shot outside an apartment on Griffith Street. Drugs.
March 12: Antwan L. Jones, 24, shot in the chest and groin inside a house on Maywood Drive. Fight. Kevin Moss, 25, charged with murder; charge no-billed -- self-defense.
March 22: Larry Robbins, 39, shot in the head on Norwood Avenue. Argument over money. Steve Gardner, 20, charged with murder.
March 23: Brian Brodie, 30, shot in the head inside a car parked on North Avenue. Retribution for robbery. Sylvester Cox, 4, no bill, self-defense.
March 24: Jiyen C. Dent Jr., 3 months old, shot in the head in the living room of his Rutledge Drive home. Drugs. Drive-by shooting. John E. Drummond, 25, charged with murder.
April 25: Dominique S. Lynch, 22, shot under the right arm on Trussit Avenue. Argument with neighbors. Breon Stringfield, 16, charged with murder.
April 29: Patrolman Michael T. Hartzell, 26, shot in the head in his cruiser while in the line of duty. Martin L. Koliser Jr. charged with aggravated murder and convicted.
June 18: Tawonna Thomas, 21, shot in the head in a car outside her Stansbury Drive home. Domestic argument. Boyfriend Tremaine Brown, 24, charged with murder.
July 27: William C. Lee, 17, shot by an accomplice during a robbery on Woodford Avenue. Otis Simmons, 19, and Latrell Jackson, 21, charged with murder.
Sept. 23: Demetrius Chatman, 23, shot in the head and found in the trunk of a burned car on Vaughn Avenue. Motive pending investigation.
Oct. 18: Helen Koscak, 86, beaten to death. Robbery. Her neighbor, Dustin Anzevino, 19, committed suicide after he killed her.
Oct. 25: Michael J. Lett, 20, shot multiple times in the upper torso and found on the sidewalk on South Avenue. Motive pending investigation.
Nov. 23: James Revere, 16, shot several times and found in a car on Hayman Street. Ongoing fight. Stefan Breedlove, 19, Keon L. Richardson, 19, and Glenn Scott, 20, charged with murder.
Dec. 12: Robert Smith, 29, shot at a bar on North Garland Avenue. Drug-related. Damon Clark, 19, and Darrin Moore, 17, charged with murder.
Dec. 12: Mathew Saunders, 51, stabbed and found in a car after a crash on Interstate 680. Drinking and fighting. John P. Griffin, 49, charged with voluntary manslaughter.

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