ANNIE'S MAILBOX 'Bob' is now unwilling to keep his promise

Dear Annie: Two years ago, I met a man with a 16-year-old daughter, "Josie." At the time, my son was 13. "Bob" proposed after we had known each other about a year, and he and Josie moved in with us a few months before we were to marry.
Not long after, I had to tell Bob that I couldn't marry him because of his daughter. Josie is pompous, spoiled, sarcastic and self-absorbed (her dad agrees). Bob said if Josie was still a problem after we married, he would send her to live with her mother across town. I accepted those terms, and we married.
Things immediately went from bad to worse. A few months ago, I suggested it was time for Josie to live with her mother, as he had originally offered. However, Bob now claims he cannot recall our conversation and that I must be mistaken. What should I do? Trusting Your Judgment
Dear Trusting: Yes, Bob manipulated you. He should not have made any promises he was unwilling to keep. Josie should be 18 by now. If she is planning to attend college, we strongly recommend you check out the dorms. If she is not going to continue her education, she should get a job and pay rent on her own apartment. If Bob refuses to encourage Josie to move out, insist on counseling so he understands what is at stake.
Dear Annie: I laughed out loud when I read the responses you printed several months ago to the question, "When are you going to have kids?"
As a young mother of four, I often am asked, "When are you going to stop having kids?" I know we live in a society where American families have an average of 2.2 kids, but my husband and I dearly love all our children and work hard to raise them right. We think of each one as a blessing.
I would love to have some witty remarks to use when people ask us that rude question. Mama of Four, San Francisco Bay Area
Dear Mama of Four: As long as you can support them, you are entitled to have as many children as you want. However, since our readers enjoy putting in their two cents' worth, we will print the best responses to your question.
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