MUSIC Heavy metal band banned from show

Lamb of God was scheduled to play at the Great Western Forum, which is owned by a church.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (AP) -- Call it silence of the Lamb.
The church-owned Great Western Forum has canceled an April 9 concert appearance by the heavy metal band Lamb of God because church leaders were offended by the group's previous name, Burn the Priest.
"We do owe something to our congregants. A band formerly known as Burn the Priest caused us pause. We have to draw the line somewhere," said Marc Little, general counsel for the Faithful Central Bible Church, which owns the Forum, the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers.
The band was set to appear with Grammy-nominated Slipknot as part of the Subliminal Verses Tour. (Slipknot and other acts in the tour are still scheduled to perform.)
In a statement on the band's Web site, drummer Chris Adler called the church's decision "a bit ridiculous."
"If they had taken the time to look into what we do and who we are as a band, I don't think they would have made the same decision," he told The Associated Press.
"They have made it clear that they do not want us because of our name, our show and our crowd," Adler said. "The word from the powers that be is that Lamb of God is not the wholesome family fun that the good people of Los Angeles deserve."
Name change
The band took the name Lamb of God in 2000 after performing under the name Burn the Priest from 1994 to '99. The band dumped the earlier name because it "put us into a corner we didn't want to be in," Adler said.
"So we went with something just as strange but, I guess, in the other way. So to have this kind of backlash is strange," he added.
The band has had people show up at their concerts to protest the band name, but Adler said the band has never been banned from a venue.
But considering recent events, including the nightclub shooting of guitarist Darryl "Dimebag" Abbott, Adler said he wasn't too surprised by the action.
"I really can't believe it, but maybe it's a new day in what we are finding out will be allowed and what will be censored," he said.
Lamb of God was excited about the Forum date because metal bands do not typically play such large venues.
The band's major label debut, "New American Gospel," was released in 2000. Their 2004 release, "Ashes of the Wake," garnered critical buzz for its political content. The album's instrumental title track contains a sound bite of a soldier talking about the killings in Iraq.
The band intends to perform in Los Angeles and is fielding other offers.
"There are plenty of venues that will welcome us," he said. "We're looking forward to going back out there and playing for the fans."

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