Johnny isn't gone, he's just gotten a better gig

Johnny isn't gone, he's just gotten a better gig
Someone told me, the other day, that Johnny Carson died ... but I don't buy it. Johnny would never leave us that way. Sure, in 1992 he said he was retiring, and he did. He said he deserved it, and I guess he did. But ... leave us completely ... no, not Johnny. Someone else told me he was out of town ... gone to get that last interview that George Burns promised him. Now, that, that, sounds like Johnny. He's gone out of town to interview Georgie.
And knowing Johnny, he probably won't stop there. He will probably interview Bob Hope again. And, surely he won't forget the ladies. I'll bet he locates Lucille Ball and Mae West again. He will certainly look-up Jack Benny, and Jackie Gleason. He won't forget to find Edgar Bergen or Jimmy Stewart. And, he will need a song or two, he will certainly locate Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis. He's bound to bump into Groucho Marx again. If Johnny can stop laughing, that will make a great interview. And, Charlie Chaplin must be around somewhere, I'll bet Johnny gets that interview too. I'm sure he will look up his boyhood idol, Stan Laurel, and that will lead to Ollie Hardy. He will probably stage some serious discussions as well. With their common interest of astronomy, he will certainly look up Carl Sagan.
Yes, I'm sure that's where Johnny's gone. He's out of town and we won't see him again until he's taped lots of interviews for all of us to enjoy. He is probably having the time of his life making them. I don't know how he will deliver a monologue to top all of that, but he will. What a show that will be when we hear the next; "Heeere's Johnny ..."
Wishing President Bushwell in overturning Roe
President Bush may be trying to seek judges who will overturn the Roe v. Wade case in the Supreme Court. I agree with President Bush 100 percent. Why do women have an abortion? Why, instead of having an abortion, couldn't they put the baby up for adoption as an alternative? The only reason why some women have abortions is if they are having problems with their pregnancy or if they were raped. That is the only reason why I can justify someone having an abortion.
I have heard that women who have an abortion will never forget that day, and most of all, they will always regret having an abortion. Another option is having the baby and giving it up for adoption and giving the baby a home. I think that if women have a baby and give it up for adoption then they will feel, I hope, happy that they are giving the baby a new chance. Some people might say that "I had to have an abortion; I had no choice." If you, as a woman, put the child up for adoption then great, that child will have a family that will love them and take care of them for you. I think if a woman gives that baby up for adoption then she knows that the adoptive parents will care for and love this child.
Women who have abortions can become depressed or even commit suicide. Everyday a woman is having an abortion. I am encouraging you to consider another great option. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. You will be glad that you did.
Lake Milton