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Dear Heloise: When I was in college, I was friendly with an elderly nun who worked there. We kept in touch, and this past year she became ill and was in a nursing home before she passed away. I went to visit her and asked if there was anything I could do for her, anything she needed.
She mentioned some old friends she would like to call who lived across the country. I got the phone numbers and brought my cell phone to her in the nursing home. Each Saturday she was able to call her friends, and shortly before she died, she was able to say good-bye. Some of these friends she had known for 75 years!
What I thought was a simple thing to do, and did not cost me anything, ended up meaning the world to her. I learned this at her funeral. Apparently, when someone would come to visit her, she told the person about the cell-phone calls and how much they meant to her. Many people at her funeral told me the same! Becky, via e-mail
P.S. I called these ladies to let them know she had passed away, and one has since adopted me as one of her own granddaughters! It's been great!
Becky, this is a touching tale with a happy ending. For others, phone cards would make a good gift for people in a similar situation. One note: Be sure it's a reputable company in case there's a problem with the card. Heloise
Dear Heloise: Here are a couple of hints I think your readers will like:
UTo prevent moisture from damaging instructions on insecticide or plant-food containers, place wide, clear, sticky tape around the container, and all information will be easy to read.
UWide, sticky tape wrapped around a paint can (except the top) will help if any paint spills over the sides. It is easily wiped off immediately with a dry cloth. Mary M. Hogan, Seaman, Ohio
Dear Heloise: Use comic strips for reading skills. The pictures encourage youngsters to read the story and learn "sight words." Youngsters will become more eager to tell about the story. C.M., Meridian, Miss.
Encouraging children to read is vital, and starting them out by looking at the comics is a marvelous way to begin. For the record, I enjoy starting my day by glancing at the funnies ... and always get a chuckle. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I use a blank-page book for an address book. These are sold in any stationery store. Every few pages, I use a marker to put the letter in the right-hand corner. At the end of the book, I have lots of room to put directions to various homes and businesses. This stays in my car and provides useful information. Bonnie Manning, Fort Wayne, Ind.
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