While a "Simpsons" regular will officially come out soon, there's been speculation for years about the sexuality of other cartoon and puppet characters. Here's the alleged proof.
Bugs Bunny: Frequently cross-dresses, often kisses Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam on the lips and enjoys belting out show tunes.
Velma: The broad-shouldered Scooby Doo heroine wears thick turtleneck sweaters and is said to be the Scooby character who represents Smith College, in the lesbian-friendly town of Northampton, Mass.
Marcie and Peppermint Patty: The Peanuts characters are best friends and always together. Patty wears pants, has a deep voice and always whups Charlie Brown at sports.
Batman and Robin: Rumors have circulated for years about the Dynamic Duo, given Robin's nickname (Boy Wonder) and the fact they both wear tights and are in great shape.
Bert and Ernie: Another much-rumored pair that spends a lot of time together. But they appear more asexual than anything.
Tinky Winky: The Teletubby was famously outed by Jerry Falwell in 1999 because he wears purple, carries a handbag and has a triangle symbol on his head.
Hefty Smurf: Works out frequently. Often seen with a dumbbell. And remember: There were 101 Smurfs in the village and only one Smurfette.
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