Today is Tuesday, Aug. 30, the 242nd day of 2005. There are 123 days left in the year. On this date

Today is Tuesday, Aug. 30, the 242nd day of 2005. There are 123 days left in the year. On this date in 1905, Ty Cobb makes his major-league debut as a player for the Detroit Tigers, hitting a double in his first at-bat in a game against the New York Highlanders. (The Tigers win, 5-3.)
In 30 B.C., the seventh and most famous queen of ancient Egypt known as "Cleopatra" commits suicide. In 1797, the creator of "Frankenstein," Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, is born in London. In 1862, Union forces are defeated by the Confederates at the Second Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, Va. In 1941, the World War II siege of Leningrad begins as Nazi forces take Mga. In 1945, Gen. Douglas MacArthur arrives in Japan, and sets up Allied occupation headquarters. In 1963, the "Hot Line" communications link between Washington and Moscow goes into operation. In 1967, the Senate confirms the appointment of Thurgood Marshall as the first black justice on the Supreme Court. In 1983, Guion S. Bluford Jr. becomes the first black American astronaut to travel in space, blasting off aboard the Challenger. In 1995, the West pounds the Bosnian Serbs with artillery and air attacks in hopes of bludgeoning them into serious peace talks.; at a lavish opening ceremony in Beijing, organizers of a major women's conference vow to fight for empowerment and equality. In 1997, Americans learn of the car crash in Paris that claims the lives of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul. (Because of the time difference, it was Aug. 31 where the crash occurs.)
August 30, 1980: The CASTLO Community Improvement Corp. applies for $3.1 million from the Economic Development Administration for site improvements to its industrial park on the former Youngstown Sheet & amp; Tube Corp. property.
Niles will not be able to collect its $5 license plate fee in 1981 because the city missed a July 1 deadline to file the enabling legislation for the tax with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. The error will cost the city $105,000 in anticipated revenue and will deal a major blow to the city's financial recovery.
The first two days of attendance at the Canfield Fair total 195,537, including 91,091 on Friday, which is normally a slow day for the fair.
August 30, 1965: The Liberty Township Education Association may go to court in an effort to reverse a Liberty Local School District Board of Education policy that would compel teachers to participate in closed circuit educational television teaching.
The public gets its first look at the luxurious Park V apartment building at Fifth Avenue and Broadway. The 12-story building was constructed at a cost of $1.5 million by Morris Simon and Sol Friedkin, both of Youngstown, and Carl Milstein of Cleveland.
A record low for any day in August is set at the Youngstown Municipal Airport as the mercury dips to 41 degrees.
August 30, 1955: Niles Solicitor Mitchell F. Shaker appeals to the 7th District Court of Appeals to set aside a ruling of Common Pleas Judge William McLain, who ruled against Niles in its effort to block assessments for the proposed $6 million Mahoning Valley Sanitary District pipeline.
Mahoning County Sheriff Paul Langley says that neither he nor his men have been able to find any evidence of gambling at Vince DeNiro's place on Route 422, but calls on state officials to cancel the charter of the Dry Men's Social Club.
Violence continues in the Gaza Strip, with Israel accusing Egyptians of killing four Jewish civilians and Egypt accusing Israelis of killing an Egyptian soldier.
August 30, 1930: Youngstown City Council authorizes preparation of an ordinance abolishing the vice squad and creating positions for eight more policemen.
Horses from the Orchard Hill Farms near Youngstown owned by W.H. Foster win considerable honor and much attention at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus.
Some $3,200 in reward money for the capture of Irene Schroeder and W. Glenn Dague, who are under sentence of death in the murder of state police Cpl. Brady Paul near New Castle, will be divided among Phoenix, Ariz., deputy sheriffs and members of the posse who captured the fugitives.

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