Some details of the contracts with Association of Classified Employees and the faculty union.

Some details of the contracts with Association of Classified Employees and the faculty union.
The average salary of ACE employees is $40,000 a year.
The tentative agreement provides 3-percent raises in both the first and second years and 3.25 percent in the third year.
Neither a $200 signing bonus being considered in earlier stages of negotiations nor an ACE proposal to get adjustments in current pay scales is part of the final package.
For the first time, employees will be required to contribute to their health care premiums, kicking in 1.5 percent of their base pay for family health care insurance or 0.75 percent for individual coverage beginning Aug. 15, 2006.
Employees will also have to pay an additional $100 per month beginning Jan. 1. to have their spouses covered by their insurance.
Doctor's office and prescription co-payments also will increase.
There is a lower pay scale for newly hired employees but, for the first time, employees will be able to get service credit for time they spend in the military.
Employees are now eligible for an early retirement incentive in which the university will buy out up to two years of service time to allow a worker to retire early. For example, an employee with 28 years of service could have YSU buy out the last two years and retire early with a full 30-year pension. A full pension at YSU is 60 percent of salary.
The buyout window will remain open for only 18 months.
The average annual base faculty salary is $65,900.
The faculty contract calls for annual raises of 3 percent in the first year and 3.5 percent in both the second and third years.
Faculty will also begin contributing to their health care premiums at the rate of 1.5 percent of base salary for family coverage or 0.75 percent for individual coverage beginning with the fall term 2006. They must also pay $100 a month beginning Jan. 1 to have a spouse covered by insurance.
Various insurance co-payments also will increase.
The contract reduces the pay scale for retired faculty members who come back to teach classes under an Extended Teaching Service clause. They had been paid at the rate of 3.75 percent of their last annual salary per credit hour. That is reduced to 3.5 percent in the new contract.
They now will be eligible to participate in the ETS program for only four years instead of five and can teach no more than 42 hours over a four-year period.
Sources: Christine Domhoff, ACE president; Dr. Stanley Guzell, chief faculty negotiator; and YSU

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