Music-blaster in jail while dangerous criminals are free

Music-blaster in jail while dangerous criminals are free
After reading the story in the Aug. 17 Vindicator, "Growing killings linked to jail issue," I had to write. As I read the article I chuckled to myself, because recently my boyfriend was sentenced to 30 days in jail for a loud music violation.
I am assuming that although this is an annoying misdemeanor, playing your music loudly does not harm the average citizen. This is not to say that the law shouldn't be abided. I have been bothered by cars playing their music loudly. Let me first set up the scenario: he was playing his music loudly on Albert Street near the old steel mills when he was stopped by a police officer. Now, again, this is not to say that the law shouldn't be followed, but he was not in a residential neighborhood. He was respectful to the officer and told that he had committed a serious offense. Loud music is a serious offense
Last time I checked Youngstown's homicide rate was at 23, one more than all of 2004. Although I'm not in law enforcement, it is my opinion that there are much more "serious offenses" than playing loud music.
Upon going to court, he brought his stereo and speakers from his car, apologized to the judge, and informed the judge that he was preparing to move out of the state to take a job that was waiting for him. The judge proceeded to inform him that his loud music was a "serious offense." The judge then, after giving offenders of the same crime two days in jail, community service, 10 days house arrest, etc., gave my boyfriend 30 days in jail, with a $600 fine and two years probation.
They say they have no room in the jails for Youngstown's murderers, rapists, etc., but yet they want to lock up a loud music offender, taking up much needed jail space? All this is to show that there is something really wrong with our judicial system. I am very confused why the judge did not think about this prior to handing out his sentence.
To end the story, he reported to jail and they sent him home because there was not enough room. They told him to call every 30 days to see if they have room, then he can come back. How can one prepare and plan for a future with 30 days of jail time hanging over one's head? Something must be done to fix our judicial system and lock up the true "serious offenders" -- the killers, rapists, child molesters, etc.
Politicians so busy with sports stars that they don't see the little people
I realize that members of the House and the Senate are very busy people. I see them on the sports channels all the time. But there are other things they need to be attentive to. I know that they love their favorite pastime but, if need be, I can live with steroids in baseball. I'm sure Mr. Canseco's tales are very upsetting, to them. What I'm having a hard time with is the ever rising price of gasoline.
I guess that they do not pay for their own gas unless the chauffeur has forgotten his wallet. So may I make a suggestion to them? Look out the window. It is us out here, deciding if we should purchase a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas. Because their attention has been focused on a game, instead of what Real America sees as important, they have failed to see that we cannot do both.
We could do with a little help. It seems that our rich Arab "friends" are not really our friends. And those little super stations that are on every corner are more than happy to fill their pockets with our money -- letting us forage to try and fill our tanks. The Big Oil bosses are quite content to pass along, to us, every increase that the Emir wants that day.
I guess our only recourse is to remember them on Election Day. And I hope we do. Of course we'll be easy to spot. We'll be the ones walking to the polls. Well, I guess we'll see them in November, but hopefully not after that.