HELOISE Donate old eyeglasses, or save for driving

Dear Heloise: Regarding your recent item on the Lions Clubs' eyeglass collecting, I would like to tell you what my husband and I did that has worked rather well.
We spoke with our pastor, and he made an announcement in our church bulletin a couple of times asking people to drop off their no-longer-used eyeglasses at church. We received hundreds of donations, which we boxed and delivered to ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Rice, who founded a charity called "I Care San Antonio." He works with the Lions Clubs and a downtown church that has a clinic set up. He also goes to towns across the Texas border to donate his services. This method worked well for us, and it made it easy to drop off the glasses. We are glad to be able to help so many needy people. Sally Gonzales, San Antonio
Sally, I say all "eyes" to Dr. Rice and the people who donated eyeglasses. There are many wonderful programs around the country that benefit those who need help. Hats off from Heloise to the hundreds of thousands of people who volunteer their time. This country would come to a standstill if they all simply stopped for only one day.
Before you donate all your old pairs of eyeglasses, you might want to read the next hint! Heloise
Dear Heloise: When you get new glasses, place the old ones in the glove compartment of your vehicle. If your glasses get broken, lost or stolen (and you need them to drive), you will still be able to see with the old ones! Ed Bailey, Conway, Ark.
You are so right! There's nothing worse than losing your glasses when you're out and about, yet still have to drive home -- yikes! Heloise
Dear Heloise: Writing out phone numbers in large letters and numerals for a friend or relative in a nursing home is a good idea. Here is another one: Use a calendar and have visitors sign in on the date they visit. For residents who forget and think no one visits, you can show them, "See, I was here on Monday."
The calendar also provides topics for conversation, since visitors can see who else has visited and ask about them. These ideas were helpful when my grandmother was in a nursing home. Patty in Minneapolis
Dear Heloise: I have discovered that a seam ripper is the perfect tool for opening those pesky CD packages. It is also handy for taking off labels from pill bottles, which I like to remove before discarding.
I keep one in the kitchen and one in the computer room, and have found many other uses for this handy gadget. Donna F., Chaska, Minn.
Dear Heloise: Make inserting your checkbook into its cover a little easier by cutting the right and left corners on the back page of the checkbook. It will slide right in! Mary Anderson, Olney, Md.
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