Ryan was shocked to find Jonathan hiding in Erin's cabin and was appalled by the extent of his brother's insanity. After Erin explained how she saved Jonathan, she and Ryan disagreed over how to best help him. Jamie told J.R. that he's through with Babe. Kendall was relieved to see that Zach doesn't know what she and Greenlee are up to, but David figured it out. Erica jumped to the wrong conclusion about Greg, after finding a hypodermic needle at Greenlee's. When Jimmy pulled a gun on Julia, Zach tried to protect her, but Kendall's arrival worsened the situation. Danielle received advice about Garret.
When Iris threatened to find Gwen and tell her about Carly's past, Carly found herself caving in to blackmail, which she soon realized wasn't just a one-time payment. Meanwhile, Gwen warned Jack that she'd dig up dirt about Carly if that's what it takes to get her baby back. Casey had no choice but to submit to a paternity test scheduled by Tom. Jennifer hid her depression by using more crystal meth, unaware of its effect on her body and mind. In Mexico to visit a clinic that offered a so-called miracle cancer cure, Lucinda overheard Keith get instructions to transport a kidney to a private airfield in Texas.
Following Tony's announcement of their daughter's identity, Bo and Billie underwent DNA tests that confirmed it. Hope accused Chelsea of going after Patrick when she found them kissing. Later, when Patrick encountered Chelsea and Max being romantic on the beach, she manipulated the situation. Sami was forced to work on an escape plan for Tony in order to protect her secret identity. Abby had her first kiss with Josh. Marlena impulsively embraced Alex but was embarrassed about her behavior. Kate offered to help a down-at-heels Nicole in exchange for information. It appeared that Jack's plan to draw Frankie and Jennifer together is working.
Nick was stunned and angry to learn that Bridget ended the pregnancy. Dante consoled Bridget, as they then told Catherine that Bridget faked the abortion and asked her to spy on Nick. Catherine overheard Nick tell Brooke that he wants to make Bridget happy, but left before he added that their relationship is over. With Bridget unaware, Brooke and Nick realized that they are in love. Nick was ready to tell Bridget the truth when she floored him with the news that she's still pregnant. Taylor was fed up with Ridge's inability to commit to their marriage, resulting in Ridge's temporarily moving out.
Allegra allowed Sam and Jason to leave the island but later made more demands on Sam. As Jason's health continued to deteriorate, he lost memories of his life, and of Sam, even as no diagnosis was available. Jax intended to raise his baby without Courtney. An angry Courtney shared a hot kiss with Nikolas but remained torn in her feelings. Lucky and Elizabeth debated marrying right away to prevent Jax from claiming the child. As Jesse planned going undercover at the university to find the link between the school and the stalker, someone was watching him, Maxie, Dillon and Georgie. A distraught Carly confronted Sonny at gunpoint.
Edmund offered to hide Michelle from Danny and Marina, but really did it for his own reasons. After stealing a labor-inducing drug from the hospital, Edmund injected Michelle as she slept. Marina was too eager on the job and wound up in danger. With Lillian as their witness, Beth and Alan were wed. Coop stopped Lizzie from stealing out of the bridal box to buy the newlyweds a gift and got her a job at WSPR. However, when Lizzie learned of her mother's marriage, she got money from Beth and used it to buy an engagement ring, then proposed to Coop. Jonathan covered a debt for a bedraggled girl named Ava.
Faced with Nash, Jessica reverted to Tess, and they planned to start a new life together in California. Desperate to find Jessica, Antonio searched in vain for her in New York. John was tormented about the secret he's keeping from Natalie. After Starr insisted to Blair that she saw Margaret in Todd's office, he admitted to Blair that Margaret could be in Llanview. Blair asked Bo for help, but was troubled by his theory about Margaret. Todd came up with a plan to flush out Margaret. David became uncomfortable over Spencer and Dorian's growing friendship.
Forced to make a decision, Eve chose T.C. over Julian, returning his engagement ring. Simone realized that her parents are too involved with their own problems to notice her. Chris showed proof that Mark is his child, whose real name is James, but he's hiding something. Sheridan refused to take Luis' call because he didn't find Marty. Nervous about Eve's upcoming trial, Rebecca admitted to Gwen that she poisoned the punch. Whitney prayed that she'd be allowed to stay at the convent. T.C. and Sam attacked Spike to stop him from prostituting Jessica again.
Daniel was found guilty and awaited his sentence. When Nick finally admitted that he withheld evidence and handed over Cassie's clothes, it was enough to reverse the conviction, freeing Daniel, who had a passionate reunion with Lily. As Scott excitedly looked forward to his trip to Genoa City with "Brenda" (aka Sheila), a woman in the asylum who had plastic surgery to look like Sheila was visited by Michael and Lauren. Victor comforted Nikki following her nightmare about being shot by a mobster. Michael warned Tom that he's cutting off Tom's supply of funds from everyone. Brittany rattled J.T. when she suggested that Mac needs someone like Kevin.
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