Water potable but could stain light laundry, village official says

The water should be clear again after the weekend.
LEETONIA -- You can drink the water in Leetonia, but Village Administrator Gary Phillips says residents shouldn't wash their light-colored clothes in it just yet.
An "unforeseen, unexpected problem" at the village reservoir gave the water a dirty appearance that could stain white and light-colored clothes in the laundry.
"The water is safe for consumption," Phillips said. "You can drink it and you can bathe in it. There is no problem with that."
He said the discoloration should disappear by Monday.
The problem arose when the village shut down its wells this week for maintenance.
During the shutdown, truckloads of treated drinking water were shipped in from Salem and dumped into the village reservoir for distribution to residents.
When the water was dumped into the reservoir, it "churned" the current reservoir water, stirring up sediment of iron and other mineral deposits.
"It just caused the water to take a brown, rusty look," Phillips said. "It was nobody's fault. It was just one of those things that happened that we didn't expect."

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