CANDIDATES | Nonpartisan races

Candidates running for nonpartisan seats in the Nov. 8 general election had to file nominating petitions with their respective county boards of elections by Thursday. This list of nonpartisan candidates is unofficial until election boards certify candidates. All townships have two trustees to elect, and all school boards have three members to elect unless otherwise noted. In some races there are fewer candidates than openings. An (*) denotes incumbent.
The list of candidates for Mahoning and Trumbull counties ran Friday. Those omitted were: Adrianne H. Sturm of 5920 Whispering Meadows, who is among four candidates running for three seats on the Canfield Board of Education; Matt R. Hutton* of 17933 Fairview, among four running for three Beloit council seats; Gerald M. Backo*, who is among four candidates running for two Coitsville trustee seats; T.J. Campana of 131 Harvey St.; among six running for three Struthers school board seats. The name of Jeri D. Bell, another Struthers school board candidate, was spelled incorrectly. Also, Allen L. Briggs of 3510 W. Market St. is running for a Warren Township trustee seat and not for Newton Township trustee.
COUNCIL (3 to elect): Charles McGuire*, 42 N. Liberty St.; James A. Tyger, 436 E. Martin St.; Scott Rauch*, 220 Garfield Ave.; Marilyn A. Figley, 614 W. North Ave.; Linda Rhodes, 552 W. Martin St.
COUNCIL (4 to elect): David C. Kiewall*, 10081 Main St.; Jim Jacobs, 29900 Campbell Road; Jane E. Wilson*, 9006 Plymouth St.; Mark A. Grate*, 10221 Plymouth St.
COUNCIL (4 to elect): Gregory C. Fye, 3401 Court St.; Kenneth Picklesimer*, 3843 W. Main St.; William Phillips, 3253 Creek Road; Janet Monday, 3359 Sycamore Drive; Bill Mullarkey*, 46495 state Route 46; Debra Neeld, 46638 Taylor St.; Christina Bodnar, 3309 Silliman St.
COUNCIL (4 to elect): Kerri L. Shannon, 7605 Depot St.; Mark T. Gordon*, 7415 Depot St.; John E. Gorby Sr.*, 7629 Eells St.; Donald S. Derflinger, 7640 Depot St.; Delores M. Scyoc*, 46335 Walnut St.
COUNCIL (4 to elect): Dave W. Berta, 88 W. Main St.; Kathy L. Detchon*, 772 Salineville Road West; Wayne Leishman, 322 Foundry Hill Road; Judy Taggart*, 331 Wood St.; Linda Beadnell*, 30 W. Main St.; Jeff Smith, 49 E. Main St.
COUNCIL (4 to elect): Nancy J. May, 15198 Nittany Drive; Sally Brown*, 15208 3rd St.; Brad Burton, 15225 Smith Road.
COUNCIL (4 to elect): Theresa Allison, 665 Boston St.; Norman E. Sommers, 500 Maple St.; Jeff Wilson, 125 Smith St.
BUTLER: Homer L. Althouse Sr.*, 32040 Cameron St.; Thomas G. Sanor*, 1331 Cider Mill Road; Paul Lease, 2075 Slater Road; Fred Hippley, 5250 McCann Road.
CENTER: Greg Shive*, 8097 Thomas Road; Richard J. Paris, 39130 Mattix Road; Michael Bates, 36531 state Route 30; Kenneth R. Schreffler*, 36369 Hunters Camp Road.
ELKRUN: Richard Rudibaugh*, 42965 Middle Beaver Road; Ronald Mills*, 41520 state Route 517; King A. Reed, 10246 Elkton Road.
FAIRFIELD: Bob Hum*, 104 S. Elm St.; Fred Grappy*, 2096 state Route 164.
FRANKLIN: John A. Kosko*, 15287 Smith Road; Fred O. May*, 15198 Nittany Drive; Deane Clemens, 16633 McSwiggen Road; Frank Shagnot Jr., 31107 Willard Road.
HANOVER: Mancil Leroy Ridgeway*, 10554 Mechanicstown Road; David W. Haley*, 30322 Howard St.; Robert Zehentbauer, 6816 Lakeview Drive; Jack H. Wilson, 29145 Buffalo Road; Wayne Wallace, 33251 state Route 172.
KNOX: Gregory Carver, 4038 Homeworth Road; Raymond Zurbrugg*, 908 12th St.; Michael L. Runzo*, 27497 state Route 62; Brenda Pifer, 3048 Westville Lake Road; Dan K. Mayer, 1483 Homeworth Road.
LIVERPOOL: Karl Kontnier*, 2566 Lisbon St.; Steven R. Betteridge*, 1460 Homestead Drive; CLERK: John W. Ball*, 3240 Kingsridge Court.
MADISON: Roger W. Walker, 42466 state Route 518; V. Douglas Sanford, 42042 Union St.; George E. Crews*, 16962 state Route 45; David H. Chronister, 17233 Cannon Mills Road; Aaron Larson, 12812 Roller Coaster Road.
MIDDLETON: Nancy Micheals, 47988 Pancake Clarkson Road; Kevin Shaffer, 10991 1/2 Echo Dell Road; Phillip Linger*, 10231 Sprucevale Road; Bradley R. Bosley*, 50900 Pancake Clarkson Road.
PERRY: Jerry L. Wolford*, 157 W. 12th St.; Larry Parker*, 1385 Manor Drive; Mary Ann Dzuracky, 1926 Monroe St.; Garry L. Morrison, 1224 N. Union Ave.; John E. Adams, 1732 S. Lincoln Ave.
ST. CLAIR: Robert Swickard*, 46975 Oak St; James Sabatini II*, 49837 Lantz Court.
SALEM: John Wilms Sr.*, 38350 Lodge Road; William Heston*, 5480 Yates Road; Robert Stark Jr., 3616 Lisbon Road.
UNITY: Kathy McCarthy*, 56 N. Liberty St.; Timothy S. Weigle*, 49498 England Drive; David D. Hugar, 658 Beard Road; David R. Peters, 594 W. North Ave.
WASHINGTON: James L. Sevek*, 18465 Clarks Mill Road; Charles Jarvis, 63 W. Main St.; Kenneth E. Rose*, 18367 Steubenville Pike Road; Pete Sambroak Jr., 325 Foundry Hill Road.
WAYNE: William A. Rowley*, 12158 state Route 164; William E. Wells, 35652 Hull Road; Harvey R. Price*, 12698 state Route 164; Tom Roush, 35323 Hull Road; Vincent Hoover, 36856 state Route 518.
WEST: Michael E. Ray*, 23256 Rinker Road; Dale L. Lowmiller*, 23980 state Route 172; John Hahn, 7126 Bayard Road.
YELLOW CREEK: Glenn Duck*, 42836 Ball Ave.; David Boyd*, 42454 Oak Ridge Road; Ralph T. Samberson, 18274 Nicholson Road.
MEMBER OF GOVERNING BOARD OF THE COLUMBIANA COUNTY EDUCATIONAL SERVICE CENTER: Richard L. Stoudt, 5821 Butler Grange Road, Salem; Lynda M. Dickson*, 15516 McDonald Road, Lisbon; Irene Bonidie*, 1337 10th St., Wellsville.
EAST LIVERPOOL: (2 to elect to full 4-year terms and 1 to elect to an unexpired 2-year term): David V. Whims, 3219 Kingsridge Court; Larry H. Walton, 1226 Cheval Drive; Tammy L. Jones, 569 Springview St.; Gary D. Bonnell, 616 Broadview Circle; William Horrocks, 921 Rhovanion Drive; Janice Martin, 640 Blackmore St.; Mary R. Tallarino, 910 Bradshaw Ave.; Larry F. Long Jr.*, 628 Inez Ave. (for unexpired term); Rebecca S. McNicol, 928 McKinnon Ave. (for unexpired term); Paul Cagot Jr., 16709 Irish Ridge Road (unexpired term).
EAST PALESTINE: Robert R. Ginder*, 443 E. Grant St.
SALEM (2 to elect): Carl Bryan, 325 W. 10th St.; Cindy L. Slavens, 1413 Andrew Ave.; Kathy Gano*, 343 Highland Ave.; Cathy Hergenrother, 2001 Pearce Circle; Joe Rottenborn, 925 Home Circle; John Reid, 491 Highland Ave.
WELLSVILLE (2 to elect): Thomas F. Brophey*, 607 Riverside Ave.
COLUMBIANA (3 to elect to full four-year terms and 1 to elect to a two-year unexpired term): Ruth Williamson*, 657 Meadow Place; Jay A. Hertel*, 120 N. Elm St.; James Bosela, 215 N. Main St., J. Alex Heintzelman, 405 N. Middle St.
LEETONIA: Mike Grunick*, 720 Senior St.; John Rydarowicz, 231 Washington St.; Danny Ferry*, 405 Chestnut St.; Raema Whittenberger, 402 Stoy St.
LISBON: Eugene Gallo*, 75 North St.; Gary L. Peruchetti Sr.*, 39870 state Route 517; John Padurean, 38312 Adams Road; Jeffrey Elliott*, 109 Summit St.
BEAVER (2 to elect): Craig Dietz*, 9201 N. Yuma Trail; Bill Cox, 44208 Pine Hollow Road; Patrick L. Williams, 9063 Navajo Trail; John Campbell, 44040 Cream Ridge Road; Jo Sollick, 46585 Sidehill Road.
CRESTVIEW (2 to elect): Rebecca Esterly*, 42726 Kelly Park Road; Daniel E. Simmons Jr.*, 5810 Adams Road; Beverly D. Kibby, 42430 state Route 517.
SOUTHERN: William O. Pitts*, 65 W. Main St.; Linda M. Morris*, 42254 Dan Smith Road; Linda S. Boyle, 20156 Sixteen School Road.
UNITED: Mike Phillis, 34292 Salem Grange Road; John S. Zehentbauer*, 10786 Lindesmith Road; Lynn Altenhof, 28503 state Route 172; Luanne Cope, 4675 Depot Road; Susan Drotleff*, 31693 Tower Road; Lynn Altenhof, 28503 state Route 172.
COLUMBIANA COUNTY: A 0.5-percent, 5-year additional sales and use tax to raise about $4 million annually.
COLUMBIANA COUNTY: A 1.5-mill renewal levy for Robert Bycroft School for a continuing period of time to raise $1.2 million annually.
COLUMBIANA COUNTY: A 0.3-mill, 10-year replacement levy for maintenance, support and the provision for facilities for mental health to raise $1.5 million annually.
EAST LIVERPOOL: A 3-mill, 5-year additional levy for recreational purposes to raise $229,942 annually.
EAST PALESTINE: A 1.5-mill, 5-year additional levy for current expenses to raise $91,736 annually.
SALEM CITY: A 1-mill, 5-year additional levy for recreational purposes to raise $226,445 annually.
LISBON: An ordinance proposed by initiative petition to take action to preserve, restore and maintain the historic Village Hall.
MINERVA: A 0.3-mill, 5-year additional levy providing and maintaining senior citizen services or facilities of the Minerva Senior Center.
NEW WATERFORD: A 5-mill, 5-year renewal levy for current operating expenses to raise $36,645 annually.
ROGERS: A 1-mill, 5-year replacement levy for fire protection to raise $2,331 annually.
ROGERS: A 1-mill, 5-year replacement levy for operating expenses to raise $2,331 annually.
WELLSVILLE: A 6-mill renewal and 1-mill additional, 5-year levy for fire protection to raise $176,378 annually.
CENTER: A 0.5-mill, 5-year renewal levy for fire protection to raise $18,427 annually.
CENTER: A 1.5-mill, 5-year renewal levy for roads to raise $55,331 annually.
ELKRUN: A 2-mill, 5-year renewal levy for roads to raise $30,659 annually.
FRANKLIN: A 1.6-mill, 5-year replacement levy for roads to raise $19,612 annually.
HANOVER: A 1-mill, 5-year replacement levy for roads to raise $51,829 annually.
MADISON: A 1-mill, 5-year renewal levy for roads to raise $22,600 annually.
MADISON: A 4-mill, 5-year renewal levy for fire protection to raise $137,306 annually.
MIDDLETON: A 2-mill, 5-year renewal levy for roads to raise $52,411 annually.
SALEM TOWNSHIP: A 0.9-mill, 5-year replacement levy for roads to raise $70,708 annually.
WEST: A 1-mill, 5-year replacement levy for roads to raise $45,431 annually.
WEST: A 2-mill, 5-year replacement levy for roads to raise $79,352 annually.
EAST LIVERPOOL SCHOOL: A 6.5-mill, 5-year emergency renewal levy for current expenses to raise $1,058,000 annually.
LEETONIA SCHOOL: A 5.8-mill, 5-year renewal levy for emergency funds of $350,000.
MINERVA SCHOOL: A 0.5-mill, 23-year additional levy for maintaining classroom facilities to raise $95,112 annually.
SALEM SCHOOL: A 4.3-mill, 5-year additional levy to generate $1.3 million for general operating funds.
SALEM CITY Precinct 4A: Giant Eagle, 2401 E. State St., Sunday sales.
SALEM CITY Precinct 4A: Marc's, 2487 E. State St., Sunday sales.
SALEM CITY Precinct 2A: AmVets, 750 S. Broadway, Sunday sales.
WELLSVILLE Precinct 1A: Riverside Roadhouse, 565 Wells Ave., Sunday sales.
FAIRFIELD Center Precinct: Regular and Sunday sales at Doss Petroleum, 3952 state Route 7.
SALEM TOWNSHIP Northwest Precinct: VFW, Sunday sales.
UNITY TOWNSHIP North Precinct: Original Roadhouse, Sunday sales.

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